Report from the XXV Gathering

Report from the XXV Gathering

Hello Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


Just a few days are left to the end of this year. The beginning of December is always very busy not only with preparations for a big holiday week or preparing for a trip to your home country but also with moving from one party to another party.

Also our Club celebrated on last Thursday its 25th gathering with almost 50 guests taking part in it, representing:                      and many other companies



The Warung Turki by Turkuaz happened to be a very good choice and all of us present there enjoyed that night, I presume.
Fantastic atmosphere, very delicious food and quite a unique venue gave us an unforgettable evening .

Big thanks to the owners Yanti & Sezai and also to their dedicated staff.

As  this was a pre-Christmas gathering, we decided not to have any business presentation but instead a unique dancing  presentation given by a Belly Dancer. Some of us were in the right mood at that time, ready to join her and also have some extra quality time.

There is nothing more to add, but to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And for those who will be in town this coming Saturday, I would like to invite you to a very unique STAND-UP performance organized by the Jakarta Comedy Club  given by our Polish friend Peter Szumowski ” one of the fastest rising stars on the professional international comedy circuit today! ”

Details Below:
(Fez Kemang Rooftop)
Friday December 18th 2015
Doors open 7pm, starts 9.30pm
ONLY Rp200,000 per person
Text 0821 1194 3084
See you in the New Year!
Third Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Third Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Hello Members and Friends,

The third gathering of our Club, as you all know, took place last Thursday ( the 1st of March ) at Turquaz Resto in Senopati.

I would like to thank once again the owners of that place, Sezai & Yanti, for their fantastic hospitality that night. Delicious snacks with various beverages ( including Wyborowa ) resulted for all of us, I presume, in an enjoyable evening.

But not only that………..

For the first time, and I hope this will happen every time we meet from now on, we enjoyed two short presentations.

The first was done by Mr. Tomasz Piętka, the First Secretary of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Jakarta, and was about trade cooperation between Poland and Indonesia and services offered by his office.

I think that many people present ( 33 to be exact ) were quite surprised with very positive data facts about Polish Economy and also found out that they also could seek some help from the Trade Section.

The second presentation was made by our guest, Mr. Michael Olsson, the owner of BMOlsson Group, who gave an overview of corruption, its types and methods, which can sadly be encountered while doing business in Indonesia. Mr. Olsson presented ideas how to react and sometimes easily avoid acts of pressure from corrupt officials representing the local government.

Before both presentations started, I officially welcomed two very important  members of our Club – the holder of the membership number 001, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland,  Mr.Grzegorz Wiśniewski, and number 002, the Head of Trade and Investments Promotion Section, Mr. Romuald Morawski. We also welcomed another guest of honor, Mr. Jackob Friis Sorensen, the Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce.

From left to right: Jackob Friis Sorensen, Chairman of the EuroCham; Michael Olsson from BMOllson Group; His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr Grzegorz Wiśniewski; myself; Councillor, Mr. Roman Morawski; I Secretary, Mr. Tomasz Piętka.


Also present at the gathering were not only other members of staff of the Polish Embassy and the Commercial Section, but also many guests who attended our gathering for the first time – they were not only Polish citizens but also four Indonesians, one Indian, two Australians, one Dutch, one French, one Turkish, one Swedish and two Americans.

Talking about numbers, as I have informed you in my last report, we have surpassed the number 50 in our membership counting.

Since August 2011 we have registered citizens of:

Poland: 32

Indonesia: 9

England: 2

France: 1

India: 1

Australia: 2

Sweden: 1

Denmark: 1

Canada: 1


The total number of our Club members is growing and we signed up two more on that Thursday evening.

So what is going to happen next in our Club activity?

I would like to continue with business oriented presentations during our next gathering, which I am planning to have in the second half of April. If you have some interesting stories you have experienced doing business in Indonesia and which you would like to share with us next time in a form of a 10 minute presentation – please let me know.  I think we would like to hear something original and interesting and I know this generally happens to us, working in Indonesia, every day.


Another thing I would like to bring up is sponsoring for next gatherings. As I have already told you, we as a Club are a non-profit organization. All of the funds gathered from the memberships go to the daily handling of the Club itself (rent of office, permits, name cards, ect.) and in the major part, subsidizing our members’ fees during gatherings. We do not charge for promoting your company on our website ( 440 unique visitors so far ) and we also pay by ourselves for participating in other Clubs’ meetings as well.

In this case making another step forward in expanding the Polish Business Club activity, I would like to ask you (your company ) to consider partial sponsorship of one of our next meetings.

A keg of beer, a few bottles of vodka, maybe some food ( we could organize a buffet dinner ) or even door prizes  could be an option to make our gatherings interesting even further and also  attractive to more guests. In exchange I would publish/ send to all of the members a .PDF of promotional materials related to your company.

We still have more than 6 weeks to the next Club evening, so take your time and have look at some more pictures from Thursday night at Turkuaz.


Andrzej ( Andy  )
Chairman | Polish Business Club in Jakarta