Report from the XVII Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Report from the XVII Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

On this occasion I would like to report to all of you, that we have entered into the fourth year of our activity.


 It was the last week of August 2011, when Natalia, Marek and myself together with our closest supporter, the First  Counsellor of the Trade and Investment Promotion Division, Mr. Roman Morawski,  paid an introductory visit to our Polish Ambassador, at that time Mr. Grzegorz Wisniewski.

A few weeks later, on the 21st of October 2011 we held our first gathering at the Marush restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Twelve of our members together with 12 visitors from Poland started business networking under the name of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Almost three years and sixteen gatherings later, we can summarize our activity with the following facts:

        115 signed in members,

       14 nationalities,

        46 lines of business represented,

        our gatherings taking place in Maroush, Eastern Promise, Turquaz, Murphy’s, Molly’s Malone, the KOI and the JV. Marriott,

         over 800 professionals joined us for our gatherings,

       over 4000 people visited our official website during over 5000 sessions, with 42 % of them from Indonesia, 20,5 % from Poland, and the rest from other countries.

In October 2012 we signed a sponsorship agreement with Asian Tigers Mobility, a provider of international relocation solutions, , and since then they have been sponsoring each of our events.

In October 2013 we signed with Qatar Airways Indonesia an agreement for a corporate deal for our Club Members to buy tickets for their trips to selected cities in Europe. We are about to extend this agreement, so those of our members who are interested in using Qatar Airways services on the route Jakarta – any city in Europe and get special deals, please contact me directly.

Recently we received for our members an offer of 10% discount from Emirates, for any flight from Jakarta to any of their direct destinations. If you are a Member of our Club, please contact me for details of this offer.

I would like to remind you that the membership to our Club is 500,000 Rp a year for which you will get over 30% discount of the entrance fee for our gatherings and you could place on our website your company’s logo with a link to your website free of charge. 

So far, so good, and I think we could carry on……..

Let’s go back to our last week’s gathering.

First of all, I would like to thank our member Michael Olsson, the owner of Shields Indonesia , for giving us reliable information about self security in this country.

Thank you, Michael.

I would like to thank our sponsor, the Asian Tigers Mobility for sponsoring that night with some extended volume of beer.

Thank you, Asian Tigers Mobility

I would like to thank the staff of the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto for giving us perfect service. Thank you once again.


I have always tried to be detailed with my gathering reports, and to carry on, I would like to give you some stats again:

        60 paid guests

        28 members

        24 Poles

        12 regular non member guests

        18 joining us for the first time

        3 new members signed in to become club members during our last Thursday gathering


Trying to execute the habit of bringing your name card to our gatherings, as the networking event idea requires. We are proud that the following companies were part of our event:                                              


To cut it short, I would say, another fantastic gathering!


Andrzej / Andy


More Pictures Below:

Report from the XVI Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XVI Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


Last week’s gathering  provided those who attended it a lot of fun and also showed the involvement of our members and friends in charity. Perfect hospitality extended to us by the staff of Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Arcadia Senayan for the second time in a row gave us a feeling of “quality time.” THANK YOU!

Forty  guests attended our gathering and 25 of them were our members.

We welcomed 10 guests for the first time and I think the attendance was quite successful considering the heavy traffic in Central Jakarta and the Swedish National Day, which “stole” quite a few of our  “regular” guests.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we handed over a 5,000,000 Rp cheque to Dan Roberts, the Founder and the Managing Director of the Red Nose Foundation, , with the purpose to sponsor 6 kids to travel to Poland for the  Brave Kids Festival

Dan introduced to us briefly the activity of the foundation run by him, and also mentioned shyly that they were a little bit short with funds required for the trip.

Our spontaneous action and generosity of our guests helped the Red Nose Foundation with additional 2,880,000 Rp plus 2,000,000 Rp donated to the project by Killian Murphy, the General Manager of Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang . What a marvellous benefactor! Thank you!


As you may have already noticed, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta has so far sponsored three different foundations using auctions of the sport/soccer/football memorabilia.

Using not only my personal contacts, but also those of our Clubs members, I procured and was able to present to our guests during last Thursday’s gathering another autographed soccer jersey to be auctioned in the future.

With the help of Rob Davis, our member number 70, I would like to present to you one of only 30 pieces available, a  Manchester United jersey autographed by former players of this most famous soccer club.


I am planning to  introduce this jersey for auction during our next gathering, which will probably take place in the first week of September, and I hope that we will be able to bid a price much higher that the three auctioned thus far.


Writing this report from Poland on my holiday, I would like to wish all of you all the best.


More pictures from the gathering are below.





Andrzej / Andy


Chairman’s Report: February 2014

Chairman’s Report: February 2014

Dear Friends and Members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


We are almost at the end of February but until now I have not inform you about the follow-up of the charity auction sale during our December Gathering.

As some of you might still remember, we have auctioned a Polish National Soccer Team jersey with the autograph of the teams captain Kuba Blaszczykowski. The money was dedicated to support education of children from KAWAH IJEN village in South of Java ( see the video – )


Two of our members were very generous and we managed to collect 8,500,000 Rp

Just after the Gathering, I have started very quickly an email conversation with the founder of the Project Heinz von Holzen, who send  me immediately a response :


“Good morning Andrzej and thank you so very much for this kind note.

I am proud and touched that the introduction to the Porters of Kawah Ijen touched your heart and that you have forwarded the message to your friends and associates. We will be back in East Java at the end of January to hand over more support for the porters and their children. So fare we have 140 packets ready with cloth. Then we will give 300 porters a pair of shoes and a simple mask to protect them from the poisons fumes. This time we have already sufficient funds to sponsor 30 more kids to go to school for one year. 

No need to mention that we would be delighted to get some more support from your side of Indonesia.

I will definitely keep you posted on our activities, and look forward meeting you when you get back to Bali in January.

Wishing you terrific weekend and the very best regards from the island of Gods. 




This note gave me more confidence to be involved into this project and during may visit to Bali at the end of January I have presented  Heinz with the donation from the Polish Business Club:


We had spend some time talking about this project, ideas how to improve the villagers lives and of course how to use this money.  We decided that before he goes there in the middle of April ( I might assist him ) he will give me sort of a” business plan ” how to use the 10,000,000 Rupias donated by our Club.

For the time being, if you are interested about Heinz’s January trip to Kawah Jien you can read his report here.


Those of you who are professionals in the engineering field and who would like to take a challenge in trying to design a device that distributes the weight evenly on both shoulders which could be the biggest help to this project, please read detailed info in this report.





Chairman | Polish Business Club Jakarta

Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


I would like to share with you some details related to our last week’s gathering. The XIV Gathering.

As you all have noticed from my invitation, we started this year with upgrading our meeting place.

We chose the Blu Martini at the JW Marriott at first. And this was the right decision. Good food, the right atmosphere and a big turn-out gave us a perfect and enjoyable evening.

So, I would like to take a moment and say Thank You to the management and staff of the JW Marriott and Blu Martini for giving us a good time.

I would like to thank this year’s main sponsor, the Asian Tigers Mobility for sponsoring beer that night and also our new member no. 103, Mr. Sunil Melwani from the Society Wines ( ) for sponsoring most of our red wine.

Once again, Thank You All.

Gathered were 56 guests, 31 of whom were our Club members with wives, husbands or partners. 19 people came for the very first time, giving us a feeling that our Club is gaining more and more popularity within Jakarta’s business society.

Six of our guests were regulars who join our meetings once in a while when in town.


Some of you might remember that some time last year we introduced during our gatherings, which have a major purpose of networking, a cork board for your name cards to pin on it. This innovation has a triple advantage:

1. Looking at it, you will see who is in the room you might need to make contact with.

2. Your email address will be automatically registered to our mailing list so you can get reports and invitations to the next gatherings.

3. If your name card has a www. website info, it will be mentioned in our report as well.



Last Thursday we noted the presence of representatives of the following companies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


We also welcomed four new members to enlarge our Club to consist of 106 members.

Talking about members, I would like to remind you that after we introduced our new membership cards, you ( the members ) can purchase Qatar Airways tickets with an exclusive corporate deal ( terms and conditions apply ) and also, thanks to the courtesy of the JW Marriott, receive discounts up to:

25% discount on buffet for lunch and dinner, excluding Sunday Branch at Salendra Restaurant,

20%  discount on a la carte and weekend Yamcha at Pearl Restaurant,

15%  discount on for food and beverages at Blu Martini ( alcohol and non alcohol except alcohol by bottle ),

10% discount for items except alcohol beverages at Cake Box.

One membership ID is valid for maximum 10 persons.

Black Out Dates for this offer apply.


Coming back to our last week gathering, some time after 10 P.M. unexpectedly we welcomed Guests of Honor, H.E

Ambasador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski with his wife Agata Szumowska. Since this was his first official contact with the Polish Community, everybody including the Committee of the Polish Business Club tried to take advantage of the situation and take a picture with them.



With this optimistic accent of support from the most important persons at the Embassy of Poland, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

finished its XIV Gathering around midnight and is ready to take further steps to work on organizing the next gathering, which will take place in the first week of April.

About the exact date and place you will all be informed around the middle of March.


Wishing you all the best,

Andrzej / Andy


See more photos below:



Chairman’s Greetings: January 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

In my first letter this year, I would like to wish you once again a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014.

As a Club, we started our activities this year by meeting our new Polish Ambassador, H.E. Tadeusz Szumowski, who arrived in Jakarta at the beginning of January.


Together with the Head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Division, Mr. Roman Morawski, Natalka and myself, we paid him a visit at his office. During that meeting all parties fully agreed to support each other in business and promotion activities.


                                             from the left: Counsellor Roman Morawski, Natalka Sintadewi, H.E. Tadeusz Szumowski, myself


Starting the new calendar year, most of us come up with New Years Resolutions – generally how to improve our family and business activities. Good luck with your endeavors to all of you.

From my side, I will be trying to improve / enrich your contact with us as a Polish Business Club Member.

The first improvement will be the issuance of newly redesigned Membership Cards to all of the members who paid  the membership fees on time, as seen below:

This new card, with the validity mentioned on it, will allow you to dine at JW. Marriott in Jakarta with up to 25% discount.

As all of the promotions have   ” * conditions apply ”  , for those who are  interested in spending less money for meals and drinks at this 5 Star Hotel, please have a look at the attachment.


Some of you have New Year Resolutions very closely concerning our Club as well, so with a great pleasure I would like to announce that    have decided to extend their sponsorship support for all of the year 2014.

If you were not aware of this – they are sponsoring the cold beer during our gatherings! Thank you Bill and all of your staff!


To finish my first this year Info-Letter, I would like also proudly share with you the Bloomberg survey report, which says that

“Poland Ranked Best for Business in East Europe and Central Asia”


Not bad, not bad at all… go Poland………………..



Andrzej / Andy

Report from the 12th Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Report from the 12th Gathering of the Polish Business Club



Supported by:





Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


First of all I would like to thank all of you who were able to come to our XII gathering at the Eastern Promise last week.

We managed to facilitate 52 guests, of which 24 were our club members, 9 regular visitors and 19 came for the first time.

They all represented over 30 different industries with some of them mentioned below:                                             


























I hope all of the guests were satisfied with services of our host Eastern Promise, so I would like to thank Lens, Meggy and all waitresses for taking care of us.

I would like to thank the representatives of Qatar Airways and specially Mr. Rulan Hersono, the Sales Executive, for giving us a presentation about the airline and introducing details how the Club members could use their official website to access the discounted rates reserved to our Club.


















Our agreement with Qatar Airways is valid until the end of September 2014, so please take full advantage of their services.

Taking about services, last Saturday the Polish Business Club together with students from the IB English B class and Mr. Wojciech Kur, our Club’s supporter from Adidas Indonesia, have organized together under a Service Learning Program “Hand by Hand Indonesia” ( an 8-a –side soccer tournament for the boys from the local school we are taking care of.

Location of the Tournament – Jakarta International School.




























Mr. Kur has organized 16 pairs of Adidas soccer shoes for the winning and follow-up teams*, the students brought refreshments and handled the organizing duties and the Polish Business Club used money from selling the soccer book and soccer game programs to buy medals for all of the participants plus delicious Magnum-Mini ice cream.
















We had a fantastic time watching those boys enjoying playing soccer but specially one, Reza, who scored 10 goals and had 2 assists during three 12-minute games. Outstanding performance. He is 12 years old and is a member of the ASA – Asian Soccer Academy.

You can see some more pictures from that tournament here:

*because of technical reasons, the shoes will be delivered to the winners later.


Taking the opportunity of writing to you directly I would like to inform you also about a meeting  that took place on the 27th of October 29, 2013 organized by Trade and Investment Promotion Division of the Polish Embassy in Jakarta to which the Polish Business Club, Kopex Contractors and BUMAR Sp.z.o.o representatives.

During the meeting the participants exchanged information about present economic situation in Indonesia in the field of trade and investment opportunities between Poland and Indonesia.


The Head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Division Mr. R. Morawski introduced to us the effects of the September official visit of the President of Indonesia Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Poland and a number of MoU-s signed to open a base for further intensification of bilateral economic relationships between our countries.

This meeting gave us also an occasion to review a perfect partnership between Polish Trade Mission and representatives of Polish companies in Indonesia and Polish Business Club.


This is all for this time and I hope to see all of you during our next gathering. The date will be confirmed later but most probably it will be on the 14th of December.




Andrzej / Andy

Chairman’s Report: September 2013

Chairman’s Report: September 2013

sponsored by:
supported by:
Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

With great pleasure and satisfaction I would like to share with you the latest news related to our Club’s activity.

The first one will be a follow up of the raising of money for the charity project  “Hand by Hand Indonesia”  by selling of soccer memorabilia.
As you might remember, during the last gathering we had managed to sell the book  “Celtic Triumph” for 500,000 Rp to Graham Garven from PT. VDB Loi Indonesia and  accept 500,000 Rp from a generous guest.
Once again THANK YOU both.
The four remaining programs had been sold recently for 3,000,000 Rp with the help of one of our members, Rob Davis from Cobra Group Indonesia   THANK YOU Rob.
This is only 4,000,000 Rp and I am still waiting for a generous buyer of the Polish National Soccer team  jersey with the autograph of the captain Kuba Blaszczykowski

This jersey will be offered for sale during our next gathering at the end of this month  ( details below ).

On the 26th of October the IB English B HL Service Project of Jakarta International School is organizing for the children from the supported  school a 6-a-side soccer tournament ( four eight-player teams of grade 5 & 6 ) in which the winning prize will be Adidas soccer shoes donated by one of our friends and supporters ,Mr. Wojciech Kur. THANK YOU Wojtek.
As far as I know, the organizers are still looking for sponsors of drinks and snacks for that tournament.

And now ………….the most important info :

On the  27th of September in the presence of the Counselor of the Polish Embassy in Jakarta, Mr. Igor Kaczmarczyk, our Vice- Chairwoman Mrs. Natalia Sintadewi Harsono, Sales Executive of Qatar Airways in Indonesia,
Mr. Rulan Hersono and Sales Manager Mrs. Luciana O Siwu,  I signed the Corporate Travel Agreement with Qatar Airways.

 The Agreement starting on the 1st of October 2013, gives exclusively to all of the members & families of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta the right to purchase airplane tickets from Jakarta to WARSAW, VIENNA, MUNICH, FRANKFURT & BERLIN at prices discounted by 20 to 35 % depending on booking class. On the route from Warsaw to Jakarta, the discount will be 5% for the Business Class and 10% for the Economy Class.
Conditions apply.

If you would like to know more about that opportunity of buying discounted tickets to Europe, join us at the XII Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta where the representatives of Qatar Airways in Indonesia will present the deal and all aspects and opportunities of using their services. 

following our good experience combined with perfect hospitality, the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto in Kemang,  will be our venue on Thursday,  the 24th of October 2013.

We are inviting you there from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The entrance rules are the same as before:

200,000 Rp fee for the Club Member (whose wives/girlfriends pay the same amount)




300,000 Rp for non-members and their guests.

We will provide a buffet dinner ( Indian food ) , free flow of beer, red/white wine, soft drinks & mixers and some Polish vodka WYBOROWA.

On the same night we will host for the last time our present sponsor the ASIAN TIGER MOBILITY  with whom our one year sponsorship contract expires.

Mark your calendar for that night and see you there.

Because we have some conditions related to the rent of the facility and services during our gatherings,please confirm, PLEASE REALLY DO CONFIRM your attendance by responding to this mail, to say that YOU ARE or that YOU ARE NOT coming (regrets are also important!).