Report from December Gathering

Report from December Gathering

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


This will be my last report this year and on this occasion I would like to wish you all the best in the coming year 2017.

Our last gathering which took place at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Senayan  secured us and our guests a pre-Christmas atmosphere. 30++ attendees enjoyed that evening with a lot of conversations, laughs, live music ( yes, the management of Molly’s surprised us with a live band ) and of course, the Christmas Edition of the Belvedere Vodka.


I think this short note will suffice for this time.   So……………………….…..
          On behalf of Natalia and Marek as well as myself.
Report from the XXVI Gathering

Report from the XXVI Gathering

Last Thursday night was supposed to be just one of our regular gatherings, but a small coincidence created a fantastic outcome of the evening.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Our XXVI gathering – the first of this year – was hosted by Molly Malone’s and once again I would like to thank Trevor, the manager of Molly’s, his staff and also Killian & his wife Irene, the owners, who were also present there, for their perfect hospitality. Food and the service were excellent.

The evening, which unfortunately not many confirmed, still yielded a crowd of almost 40 and gave all of us, especially me, a lot of satisfaction.



Fuji_PBCFEB2016-2676Just to remind you: all of our guests who join us during our gathering and leave their name cards with the www link on it, will have their companies directly thanked for their participation.

Last week we welcomed:



It happened that on that day, according to our Catholic religion, as Poland is one of the well-recognized Catholic nations, was Shrew Thursday, so two of our wonderful Polish ladies (Ela & Beata) brought home-made FAWORKI, called Angel Wings in English.


At the time of the serving of those ANGEL WINGS, we were already aware of a fantastic opportunity to “test” our guests – a sensitive approach to charity actions.

One of our Polish friends, Piotr Janiw, during his five year stay in this country has developed into a very devoted bike rider (crazily so, I would say), and at the same time a photographer. Now based in Indonesia as an executive of a foreign company, Piotr brought us that night a big surprise – over 25 poster size prints of his photos taken during his trips around Indonesia – which he intended to share with interested guests.


Recently he has been working on his blog site ( ), which I would recommend to all of you who would like to see Indonesia from a different prospective, that of an expat who has lived in many countries around the world before coming to Indonesia.

By pure coincidence, the gathering included Dan Roberts, the Founder and the Executive Director of the Yayasan Hidung Merah / the Red Nose Foundation,


We, as the Polish Business Club, had helped this organization to raise some founds in the past, therefore Dan arrived that night to our gathering to explore with us some options to raise some funds – their organization had been invited for the second time to Poland to take part in the Brave Kids Festival and naturally, funds are necessary to send Indonesian children to Poland.

Having those two people in the same room, with initially different purposes for being there, created a perfect opportunity to “to take an advantage of our guests” and sell Piotr’s prints and donate the funds to Red Nose.

Believe it or not, ALL of the prints were exchanged for the sum of 5,000,000 Rp, which will go to the Red Nose Foundation project of sending Indonesian children to Poland for the Brave Kids Festival.

I would like to thank our guest that night for their generosity. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BIG HEARTS.

If any of you would like to contribute to this project as well, please contact Dan Roberts at:

and if you would like ask Piotr about his sometimes crazy bike adventures, he is available at:



Report from the XXV Gathering

Report from the XXV Gathering

Hello Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


Just a few days are left to the end of this year. The beginning of December is always very busy not only with preparations for a big holiday week or preparing for a trip to your home country but also with moving from one party to another party.

Also our Club celebrated on last Thursday its 25th gathering with almost 50 guests taking part in it, representing:                      and many other companies



The Warung Turki by Turkuaz happened to be a very good choice and all of us present there enjoyed that night, I presume.
Fantastic atmosphere, very delicious food and quite a unique venue gave us an unforgettable evening .

Big thanks to the owners Yanti & Sezai and also to their dedicated staff.

As  this was a pre-Christmas gathering, we decided not to have any business presentation but instead a unique dancing  presentation given by a Belly Dancer. Some of us were in the right mood at that time, ready to join her and also have some extra quality time.

There is nothing more to add, but to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And for those who will be in town this coming Saturday, I would like to invite you to a very unique STAND-UP performance organized by the Jakarta Comedy Club  given by our Polish friend Peter Szumowski ” one of the fastest rising stars on the professional international comedy circuit today! ”

Details Below:
(Fez Kemang Rooftop)
Friday December 18th 2015
Doors open 7pm, starts 9.30pm
ONLY Rp200,000 per person
Text 0821 1194 3084
See you in the New Year!
Chairman’s Report: November/December 2011

Chairman’s Report: November/December 2011

Hello Dear Members,

The year 2011 is coming to the end and some of us probably have New Year resolutions and hopes for a better tomorrow. We would like to improve ourselves and come to the year 2012 with more prospects for business and of course stay in good health. This is what I wish you all sincerely.

The last six weeks, since my October Report, went rather quiet but with two pieces of good news for our Club.

The first one is: We have gone INTERNATIONAL……………

Our Honorary member the Counsellor of the Trade & Investment Promotion Section in Jakarta, Mr. Roman Morawski, at the beginning of December went with an official visit to Timor Leste.

Conducting  a seminar to promote Polish exports and investments, he also promoted our Polish Business Club.


As a result of that, the Chairman of the National Union for Small Enterprises, Mr. Francisco da Costa Cabral Lai, has shown interest to join the Polish Business Club in Jakarta as he is very interested in importing from Poland all sorts of commodities.

We also already have two Club members residing in Poland with some contacts with businesses in Indonesia,  and I am expecting two more to join us very soon.

We could also invite to join us the two to-date unidentified ladies in the photo below, who promoted the Polish Business Club in Timor Leste ;))) ……………………..why not? ;)))

The second wonderful news is the turn out for our second PBC meeting which took place at the Eastern Promise Pub on the 15th of December.

We had gathered 25 members and friends for our first meeting in September, but a record to-date of 45 people enjoyed that December evening together. This time not only some wives of our members supported our Club but also many distinguished guests from other business Clubs paid us a visit.

A strong Swedish contingent arrived of five gentlemen with  companions, led by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Swedish Business Association, Mr. Per Brandt and Mr. Ake Lindstrom. The former Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Michael Olsson with his wife was also there.

Mr Peter Vaunghan, the Executive Director of the Indonesia Norway Business Council, brought three guests with him. We had also French, British, Spanish, Australian, Indonesian, and Indian professionals with us joining the conversations and networking that night.

I would say that gathering was a full, memorable success.

Full promotion of Polish Business Club hospitality by its Chairman was recorded………………….

Pernod – Ricard, the owner of WYBOROWA vodka, can perhaps support us next time. Many WYBOROWA bottles were emptied to spread joy and Christmas cheer among the gathered members and guests.

At the end of my Report, I would like also to inform you that within 5 months of its activity the Polish Business Club in Jakarta already has 42 registered  members and I hope until my next report, the number will exceed a round number of fifty.

Once again I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Andrzej ( Andy ) Jakubowski
Chairman of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


For more pictures take a look at the gallery below: