Invitation to our XXXVII Gathering

Invitation to our XXXVII Gathering

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.
It has been over three months since our last gathering, during which we had followed up our January action for the Polish biggest charity organization – The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

As some of you might remember, we had raised over 75 mln IDR that night, and the final counting of money raised worldwide stopped at almost 25 mln USD.

Because that organization has been very active for the last 25 years helping Polish hospitals in buying equipment for Children Wards and recently for Geriatric Wards, some politicians in Poland have suggested the organization for the Noble Peace Award.
Following the popular action in Poland of taking a picture with the hashtag of the Orchestra logo, our guests during the last gathering also participated in that happening.


Regarding our next gathering, we are planning to move back to our presentation routine.
For the next evening we will have two interesting presentations:
One presented by Piotr Jakubowski the CMO of GO-JEK  titled:
” GO-JEK: Out-innovating Global Competition “
The second presented by Chris Bulski the Managing Partner of PendopoLabs, Polish – Indonesian consulting agancy titled:
“How PendopoLabs builds the Warsaw – Jakarta business bridge”.
So, those of you who will be in Jakarta on the 7th of September and are interested to expand your horizons and meet your friends,  please join us at the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto in Kemang, where the Polish Business Club in Jakarta will hold its XXXVII Gathering.
Andrzej / Andy
Report from December Gathering

Report from December Gathering

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


This will be my last report this year and on this occasion I would like to wish you all the best in the coming year 2017.

Our last gathering which took place at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Senayan  secured us and our guests a pre-Christmas atmosphere. 30++ attendees enjoyed that evening with a lot of conversations, laughs, live music ( yes, the management of Molly’s surprised us with a live band ) and of course, the Christmas Edition of the Belvedere Vodka.


I think this short note will suffice for this time.   So……………………….…..
          On behalf of Natalia and Marek as well as myself.
Report from September & October Gathering

Report from September & October Gathering

Hello Members and Friends of the Polish Business Cub in Jakarta.

I have been busy recently with traveling back and forth to Poland, so there was no time to create and send to you reports from our last two gatherings. I apologize for this and below I will try in a few words to recall to some of you who were present there and those who were not, that in September we started the sixth year of the activity of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.




On this occasion, I would like once again to thank the Trade and Investment Promotion Division of the Polish Embassy, the Polish Embassy, and of course you all for supporting us during those five great years.

I would like to thank all of you who introduced to us in a form of presentations interesting fields of Indonesians daily routine ( due- diligence, corruption, IT safety, travel, drinking water, charity, job recruitment, taxes, social work in Papua, housing services and of course Polish – Indonesian trade exchange reports) and also those who sponsored us from time to time with a keg of beer.

Thank you.

I would like to thank almost one and a half thousand guests who visited us during our 30 gatherings.

Thank you all.

Our last two gatherings ( XXXI and XXXII ) had not attracted many guests (25 average ) but the atmosphere as usual was fantastic. Once again our friend Sunil from the Society Wines donated two bottles of wine, and we also spared two bottles of Zubrowka to our Lucky Draw winners.



Everybody had fun and new business connections were initiated.

I would like to thank once again our host the Eastern Promise Bar & Restaurant, for hosting those two nights and for delicious food and professional service.

Report from the XXVI Gathering

Report from the XXVI Gathering

Last Thursday night was supposed to be just one of our regular gatherings, but a small coincidence created a fantastic outcome of the evening.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Our XXVI gathering – the first of this year – was hosted by Molly Malone’s and once again I would like to thank Trevor, the manager of Molly’s, his staff and also Killian & his wife Irene, the owners, who were also present there, for their perfect hospitality. Food and the service were excellent.

The evening, which unfortunately not many confirmed, still yielded a crowd of almost 40 and gave all of us, especially me, a lot of satisfaction.



Fuji_PBCFEB2016-2676Just to remind you: all of our guests who join us during our gathering and leave their name cards with the www link on it, will have their companies directly thanked for their participation.

Last week we welcomed:



It happened that on that day, according to our Catholic religion, as Poland is one of the well-recognized Catholic nations, was Shrew Thursday, so two of our wonderful Polish ladies (Ela & Beata) brought home-made FAWORKI, called Angel Wings in English.


At the time of the serving of those ANGEL WINGS, we were already aware of a fantastic opportunity to “test” our guests – a sensitive approach to charity actions.

One of our Polish friends, Piotr Janiw, during his five year stay in this country has developed into a very devoted bike rider (crazily so, I would say), and at the same time a photographer. Now based in Indonesia as an executive of a foreign company, Piotr brought us that night a big surprise – over 25 poster size prints of his photos taken during his trips around Indonesia – which he intended to share with interested guests.


Recently he has been working on his blog site ( ), which I would recommend to all of you who would like to see Indonesia from a different prospective, that of an expat who has lived in many countries around the world before coming to Indonesia.

By pure coincidence, the gathering included Dan Roberts, the Founder and the Executive Director of the Yayasan Hidung Merah / the Red Nose Foundation,


We, as the Polish Business Club, had helped this organization to raise some founds in the past, therefore Dan arrived that night to our gathering to explore with us some options to raise some funds – their organization had been invited for the second time to Poland to take part in the Brave Kids Festival and naturally, funds are necessary to send Indonesian children to Poland.

Having those two people in the same room, with initially different purposes for being there, created a perfect opportunity to “to take an advantage of our guests” and sell Piotr’s prints and donate the funds to Red Nose.

Believe it or not, ALL of the prints were exchanged for the sum of 5,000,000 Rp, which will go to the Red Nose Foundation project of sending Indonesian children to Poland for the Brave Kids Festival.

I would like to thank our guest that night for their generosity. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BIG HEARTS.

If any of you would like to contribute to this project as well, please contact Dan Roberts at:

and if you would like ask Piotr about his sometimes crazy bike adventures, he is available at:



Report from the XXV Gathering

Report from the XXV Gathering

Hello Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


Just a few days are left to the end of this year. The beginning of December is always very busy not only with preparations for a big holiday week or preparing for a trip to your home country but also with moving from one party to another party.

Also our Club celebrated on last Thursday its 25th gathering with almost 50 guests taking part in it, representing:                      and many other companies



The Warung Turki by Turkuaz happened to be a very good choice and all of us present there enjoyed that night, I presume.
Fantastic atmosphere, very delicious food and quite a unique venue gave us an unforgettable evening .

Big thanks to the owners Yanti & Sezai and also to their dedicated staff.

As  this was a pre-Christmas gathering, we decided not to have any business presentation but instead a unique dancing  presentation given by a Belly Dancer. Some of us were in the right mood at that time, ready to join her and also have some extra quality time.

There is nothing more to add, but to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And for those who will be in town this coming Saturday, I would like to invite you to a very unique STAND-UP performance organized by the Jakarta Comedy Club  given by our Polish friend Peter Szumowski ” one of the fastest rising stars on the professional international comedy circuit today! ”

Details Below:
(Fez Kemang Rooftop)
Friday December 18th 2015
Doors open 7pm, starts 9.30pm
ONLY Rp200,000 per person
Text 0821 1194 3084
See you in the New Year!
Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


I would like to share with you some details related to our last week’s gathering. The XIV Gathering.

As you all have noticed from my invitation, we started this year with upgrading our meeting place.

We chose the Blu Martini at the JW Marriott at first. And this was the right decision. Good food, the right atmosphere and a big turn-out gave us a perfect and enjoyable evening.

So, I would like to take a moment and say Thank You to the management and staff of the JW Marriott and Blu Martini for giving us a good time.

I would like to thank this year’s main sponsor, the Asian Tigers Mobility for sponsoring beer that night and also our new member no. 103, Mr. Sunil Melwani from the Society Wines ( ) for sponsoring most of our red wine.

Once again, Thank You All.

Gathered were 56 guests, 31 of whom were our Club members with wives, husbands or partners. 19 people came for the very first time, giving us a feeling that our Club is gaining more and more popularity within Jakarta’s business society.

Six of our guests were regulars who join our meetings once in a while when in town.


Some of you might remember that some time last year we introduced during our gatherings, which have a major purpose of networking, a cork board for your name cards to pin on it. This innovation has a triple advantage:

1. Looking at it, you will see who is in the room you might need to make contact with.

2. Your email address will be automatically registered to our mailing list so you can get reports and invitations to the next gatherings.

3. If your name card has a www. website info, it will be mentioned in our report as well.



Last Thursday we noted the presence of representatives of the following companies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


We also welcomed four new members to enlarge our Club to consist of 106 members.

Talking about members, I would like to remind you that after we introduced our new membership cards, you ( the members ) can purchase Qatar Airways tickets with an exclusive corporate deal ( terms and conditions apply ) and also, thanks to the courtesy of the JW Marriott, receive discounts up to:

25% discount on buffet for lunch and dinner, excluding Sunday Branch at Salendra Restaurant,

20%  discount on a la carte and weekend Yamcha at Pearl Restaurant,

15%  discount on for food and beverages at Blu Martini ( alcohol and non alcohol except alcohol by bottle ),

10% discount for items except alcohol beverages at Cake Box.

One membership ID is valid for maximum 10 persons.

Black Out Dates for this offer apply.


Coming back to our last week gathering, some time after 10 P.M. unexpectedly we welcomed Guests of Honor, H.E

Ambasador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski with his wife Agata Szumowska. Since this was his first official contact with the Polish Community, everybody including the Committee of the Polish Business Club tried to take advantage of the situation and take a picture with them.



With this optimistic accent of support from the most important persons at the Embassy of Poland, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

finished its XIV Gathering around midnight and is ready to take further steps to work on organizing the next gathering, which will take place in the first week of April.

About the exact date and place you will all be informed around the middle of March.


Wishing you all the best,

Andrzej / Andy


See more photos below:



Ninth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Ninth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Our IXth Gathering is already behind us, and I could proudly call it a huge success.

Before I come to some details of that night, I would like to thank our supporters & sponsors:

The First Chancellor Mr. Romuald Morawski , Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia for excellent ,professional  support of the Gathering & welcoming speech to all of the Polish and Indonesian students taking part in that Gathering,

and sponsor : Asian Tigers Mobility – Indonesia,    for sponsoring our fourth event in the row.

I would like also to thank Mr. Jacob Friis Sorensen, the Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, for joining us that night and introducing to our guests basic aspects of business relationships between EU and Indonesia,

and of course, I  would like to thank the staff and management of the KOI Kemang restaurant, ,for organizing for us a perfect venue and serving delicious food & cold beverages.

Exactly 60 people were present there on the 15th of April, as a part of the evening to honor 18 Polish students from the Warsaw School of Economic and over 10 from PPM School of Management.

As you might remember, the Polish students came to Indonesia to attend the Emerging Market Business Conference organized by PPM School of Management from Jakarta


All of us had a very good time trying to exchange news from the Polish side related to the educational system for the daily routine and cultural aspects of Indonesia. We as the hosts were trying to advise them how to survive and at the same time to enjoy the short time of their very first visit to this country.

Because of a very tight schedule of that visit, during which after four days in Jakarta all of them moved to Bandung for two days and then to Jogya for another five, only on Tuesday morning we had a chance to talk with them again.

The Trade & Investment Promotion Division and our Club were invited to the Auditorium Bina  Manajemen of the PPM School of Management, where we took a part in the first Session of the Conference, with topics “Entrepreneur is Pioneer of Developing Country “ and “ Economic Growth vs Environmental Awareness.“. Over 200 hundred’s participants were present.

During that first part, the First Secretary of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, Mr. Tomasz Pietka, introduced to the students of PPM economic information about Poland , business & investment opportunities in relationships with Indonesia.

Our Club also got a few minutes of attention in the form of a presentation about our goals and activity, delivered in Bahasa by our Vice Chairwoman Natalka Sintadewi.


Polish Business Club together with our close supporter, the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, for the last few months tried to monitor and give some advice to the hosts of this Conference, in relation of the visit of the Polish students. As appreciation for our help, the Dean of PPM School of Management, Mr. Martinus Sulisto Rusli, presented the Counsellor Mr. Morawski and myself plaques with the name of their school.

While I was writing this report, the Polish students together with their Indonesian partners, were still enjoying the beauty of the island of Java combined with culture and some educational events, and I hope they will be very satisfied with their stay and the hospitality experienced during their trip.


We have planned already to have our next Gathering on Thursday the 30th of May. Make sure to mark it down in your calendar!




Sixth Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Sixth Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Jakarta, November 2012
Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

We can call the November 1st gathering another success of our Club.

At the gathering taking place at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang, we have managed to gather 45 people.
I call it success not because of the total number of guests attending, but because we welcomed 20 non-members – many of them for the very first time.

Let’s start from the beginning,

First, I would like to thank our regular supporters for coming – the staff of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division and also the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.  Thank you for your support.

Once again I would like to WELCOME to our Club member number 69 and the official sponsor for our next 5 gatherings:



Bill Lloyd,the General Manager, has given us an introduction of his company and assured me that investing as a sponsor into our Club’ networking has been a good choice.

Thank you Bill, and we will do our best to keep your expectations alive.
Our 70th member, Robert Davies the CEO of COBRA Group Indonesia, has enlarged our members nationality count ( he is Welsh ) to 12 and and the industry type to 38.

Welcome Rob and I hope you will be satisfied networking with us.

Very, very big thanks should go to our member Joanna Staude-Potocka, the VP marketing of Danone – Aqua Indonesia, for showing us the importance of water in our lives by giving a memorable presentation “Water for Life “.
The acoustics was not perfect, but the essence of that presentation and the performance……. were outstanding.

BRAVO Joanna and thank you for the Aqua ” Reflections ” water you have brought for the evening.

The other thanks should be going the management and staff of Murphy’s, our host that night, for the quality of food and the service we received. Thank you ALL.

As you see there are many people to thank for the success of our gatherings. Going further, I would like also to thank two SENIOR friends for taking part in our networking activity, who regardless of age ( combined 148 years ) and the nationality ( Polish and Swedish ) have met again in Jakarta after more than two years.

Jerzy Mirecki & Roland Litsberger

Taking the last opportunity to introduce our newest members, I would like to present to you the number 71…………. PT. Prathama Line Logistics.




Knowing this company for more than 15 years and using it for export and import between Poland and Indonesia, I would recommend their services to anybody who is planning to do so as well.

And this is it for this time.
I am thinking about organizing the next gathering of the Polish Business Club still before the Christmas Holidays, on Thursday the 13th of December.
Please email me whether you will be in town at that time and would be willing to join us for the 7th gathering.

Best regards to all of you,

Andrzej ( Andy )
Chairman | Polish Business Club in Jakarta
C: +62 816700053

Chairman’s Report: August 2012

Chairman’s Report: August 2012

Jakarta, August 2012

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

The Holiday is over (at least for me) and it is time to return to daily routines. Before I begin with the future activities and arrangements, I would like first to report to you all of the things that have happened in between my last report and now.

As you might still remember, most of us have been very enthusiastic about EURO-2012 taking place in Poland and Ukraine. Still in Indonesia, as I left for Poland on the 9th of June, I watched the opening match POLAND – GREECE with some of my Polish friends.


This was a very exciting evening for all of us but unfortunately POLAND did not win.

With the score 1:1 we moved to the next stage of the tournament with a lot of hopes, which turned out to be a big disappointment. Eight days later Poland finished last in the group and was out of the competition.

Nevertheless, this was a very exciting tournament with Spain taking the trophy.

I watched almost all of the games and with some of my Polish connections I have obtained a very rare trophy, which I would like to share with you.

This is an original shirt signed by the captain of the Polish National Team, Kuba Błaszczykowski, presently playing for Borussia Dortmund (Germany).

I asked for his autograph with the idea to use the proceeds from the sale of this shirt for charity.

I would like to sell it to the highest bidder during our Club’s next gathering (details will be announced later) and donate the money to the charity project “Hand by Hand Indonesia” my wife Beata is handling with her IB English B class at Jakarta International School.

The starting price will be Rp. 1.000.000.

Please think about it…….. That is all about soccer.


So that some may take their holidays, other keep on working hard…

In this case it was the Trade & Investment Promotion Division which on June 14 – 16 took part in  The 8th  Balikpapan Mining , Oil & Gas Expo 2012 where they promoted not only the Polish companies of the mining industry but also our very own Polish Business Club.

A warm thank you  to the Trade & Investment Promotion Division!

Another wonderful achievement of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division  is the publication of a broad information packet, indended to stimulate more interest among Indonesian importers and investors in business contacts with Poland.

The booklet is entirely in Bahasa Indonesia and a soft copy can be obtained at this link:,7811,Kenapa_Polandia.html

As you might remember, in my first report last year I mentioned my participation in the Global Conference of the Polish Business People living abroad.

This year the XV-th Conference was held in May, so I could not attend it. Instead, I sent an Open Letter explaining that the Polish Business Club in Jakarta had to skip this year’s event, but we are still interested in being part of it next year.

The response is below:


Generally, it says that the letter I sent was read out to the attendees of the conference at the opening session and was met with wide applause. President of the Club, Mr. Olszewski, is pleased that so far away in Indonesia Polish businessmen are organized in a club, meet together and are open to cooperation.

He comments that the joint knowledge about possibilities is an important step to broadening the market, which already seems boundless.

Mr. Olszewski extends his warm greetings to the members of the Polish Business Club in Indonesia.

Talking about contacts and networking, I would like to officially welcome our 58th member, Katarzyna (Kasia) E. Slobodzian-Taylor, who is a translator and interpreter of Polish , English, Dutch and French. Her CV is in the attachment. If you need some help in that field, you already know The Right Person, Kasia.

Next piece of news is sad – the departure of our friend, Sven Lundgren, a very active member of the Swedish Community in Jakarta and also a friend of the Polish Business Club ( he attended our last May gathering ).

Suffering from thrombosis and blood clots in throat and legs, he passed away on the 21st of July 2012 at the age of 69.

RIP Sven, we will miss you.


We are approaching the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of our Polish Business Club in Jakarta. On the 23th of August 2011, Natalia, Marek and myself visited the Polish Ambassador in Indonesia H.E. Grzegorz Wiśniewski, to introduce our Club and its independent activity. That is why we are officially counting our Club’s existence from that day.

On this occasion we would like to organize a gathering, which will have a slightly different agenda than in the past. There will not be any presentations, but we would like to introduce from now on a buffet dinner. Because of that, and since we have no direct sponsors (BTW, you all are very welcome to support us) the entrance fee will be 200,000 Rp for a member and 300,000 for non-member guests.

The price will guarantee a buffet dinner, FREE FLOW of beer, red/white wine, Polish Vodka and of course a GREAT atmosphere for networking from 19:30 to 22:00.

We are planning to have the next gathering on the 30th of August in the same place as before – at Eastern Promise Pub & Restaurant in Kemang –


With the second year starting, we need to collect the membership fees from our present members who wish to continue their membership with us.  Since individual membership start-dates spread over many days, 2nd year payments and beyond will be collected on a quarterly basis. Therefore, would those members who signed up within the first three months – until the end of November 2011 – memberships up to number 35 (visible on your membership card), please transfer the 500,000 Rp to the following account:

Bank Internasional Indonesia

No. Acc. 2.017.931325
CP Warung Buncit
Jakarta – Indonesia

for :

Perkumpulan Pebisnis Polandia

Just to remind you, we use the membership fees only to cover our basic office expenses (rent, name cards etc.), to subsidize our gatherings (members’ entry fee is not enough to cover the cost) and to take part in other Club and Association Gatherings to promote the Polish Business Club. Absolutely nothing else.

That is all for this time and see you on Thursday, the 30thof August.



Fourth Meeting of the Polish Business Club

Fourth Meeting of the Polish Business Club

Jakarta, May 2012

Dear Members,

It has already been over two months since my last report. For a while there were few important happenings, except the release of the Guide for Polish Investors in Indonesia ( in Polish only ) created by the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of Poland.

I visited a few times the networking gatherings of the Swedish Business Association and also Alpenstammtisch International, networking which takes place at the Blü Martini Bar in the JW Marriott Hotel every Wednesday.

We have been recognized in the Jakarta Now monthly magazine, a small advertorial in their May edition.

Then the most important, long-awaited Networking Gathering arrived on the 10th of May. At the same venue as last December, we gathered 43 people on that Thursday night.

Meeting Attendees



With interesting presentations “Lessons learned” made by Krzys Berkieta and “The Art of living and working in Indonesia“ by Marek Bialoglowy, we had very good time and learned something new.

Marek Bialoglowy from ITSEC Asia presenting
Krzys Berkieta from Veris Consulting presenting

I would like once again to thank both of them for active participation in our gathering.

Double thanks should be given to Marek not only for the introduction of Indonesia as a place for living and working, but also to his company ITSEC ASIA for  sponsoring a KEG of beer.

Thank you, Marek!

On this occasion I would like to thank Joasia Staude-Potocka and DANONE – AQUA, at which she is the VP Marketing, for supplying us with Aqua water on that evening.

She also volunteered to give us a presentation during our next gathering ( at the end of August ) about drinking water in Jakarta.

Thank you, Joasia.

Last Thursday’s gathering has been a little bit unusual.

Together with Natalka I have prepared a Surprise Birthday cake and a present (a SEIKO Limited Edition watch with a commemorative engraving ) for our friend and Club member no. 32, a Swedish citizen, Mr. Roland Litsberger.

Roland Litsberger presented a gift

We had celebrated his 70th birthday with a toast and special request from the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Mrs. Ewa Polano – a birthday song in Swedish. Three of our guests – Swedish citizens – sang it perfectly.

Swedish Birthday Song


Talking about other nationalities, we have had as guests for the first time 16 new friends of our Club and I hope that maybe a few of them will be ready to join us as PBC members.

So far we have 56 confirmed members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta and I am hoping to raise this number to 60 very soon.

Once again, I would like to thank all who joined us in that evening for their participation in our gathering and I hope to see you and new sponsors in August as well.


Andrzej ( Andy ) Jakubowski


P.S.  You can see all of the pictures from the gathering below: