Chairman’s Report: October 2012

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta,


As the first year of our activities passed almost two months ago, I would like to focus in today’s report on some data closely related to our members and the fields of business they are connected with.

As of today we have 68 active and less active members in our Club ( “active” means taking part in our gatherings ) representing 11 different nationalities.

They are:

Polish                   44

Indonesian           10

British                    3

Australian              3

French                   1

Swedish                2

Norwegian            1

Turkish                  1

Canadian              1

Indian                    1

Danish                   1


Being a member of our Club, you have a right to place the logo of your company with a web link to your website on our official website, at absolutely no charge.

A few of you have done it already, but some not yet – please consider this option.


In our Invitation letter to join the Polish Business Club in Jakarta you can read:

“ ……………we would like to gather entrepreneurs, professionals and people with business connections with Poland    (or who would like to know more about business in Poland) for the purpose of networking, learning, business development and promoting business and investment not only between Indonesia and Poland but also other countries interested in self promotion.

To do this quote justice, I would like to further introduce to you the member companies.

We have 8 members from the Polish Embassy and the Trade & Investment Promotion Division.

Polish Honorary Councils based in Bandung, Surabaya, Medan are also members.

Eight companies based in Poland, which do not have Rep. Offices in Indonesia, are members of the Club. They are:


Lintar S.A.                                          –              mining equipment & technologies

Compensus sp.z o.o.                         –              underground mining equipment

Hal – Mar                                            –              metal constructions – hangars, factories

Asco-Asian Corporation                     –              general trading

Meritum                                              –              import of teak furniture

IB sp z o.o                                          –              developer, bicycle producer

Marcin Dolga Dobrakawa                   –              coffee supply


Seven companies are based out of Jakarta:


Alta- Teak                                          –              manufacturer of teak furniture in Solo

Go-BaliTours                                     –              travel agent in Bali

Baliluna Handicraft                            –              wholesaler of handicrafts in Bali

Santos Jaya Abadi                            –              coffee Kapal Api in Surabaya

Peritas Pondasi Teknotama               –              construction services in Medan

Hau Eboni                                          –              services in Balikpapan

Kramat Jati                                         –              bus transportation in Bandung / Jawa   


The rest of our members are based in Jakarta and they are connected with the following companies:


CaterKing                                          –              catering

Lux4home                                         –              stone products

Anatolia                                             –              Turkish restaurant

Arsi Labora Utama                            –              kitchen equipment for the hospitality

Asian Tigers                                      –              relocation

Beata A.                                             –              private

Towers Bersama Infrastructure          –              telecommunication

British Council                                    –              education & cultural relations

Bumar                                                –              heavy machinery

Capgemini                                         –              outsourcing

Danone Aqua                                    –              aqua water

Nutricia Indonesia Sejehtera             –              baby products

AGS Four Winds                               –              relocation

Front Page                                        –              restaurant          

Bispro Consulting                              –              business process management systems                   

FM Group Indonesia                          –              perfume producer / importer / distributor

CIFOR                                               –              NGO

Isabella                                              –              private

Imperium Capital                               –              wealth management consultancy                              

Midas Investment                              –              chemical waste

ITSEC Asia                                         –              information security firm                                                           

Beata M-J                                          –              private

Kania Cemerlang Sistem                   –              palm oil processing technology

Katarzyna S-T                                   –              freelance translator

Kopex Mining Contractors                 –              mining

Leo Burnett                                       –              advertising

Lima Bintang Int’l                              –              glassware from Krosno

Maroush                                            –              Moroccan restaurant

MKK                                                  –              law firm

Polglass Consulting                         –              glassware from Krosno

Provident                                           –              palm oil plantations

Rabani Corporindo                            –              coal mining

Roland L.                                           –              aviation

HM Sampoerna                                 –              cigarettes           

Scan Tech                                          –              gas exploration                               

Jangkar Laut Sejehtera                     –              shipping

Seno Edhi & Partners                        –              law firm

EPIC – AMT                                       –              fabric technology

Holcim                                               –              cement industry

Tokobagus                                        –              internet shopping

Turquaz                                              –              authentic Turkish kitchen

Veris                                                   –              due diligence, personnel screening


As you can see above, we have managed to gather a large variety of companies representing very different fields of business.

Those who have been here for many years have experienced a lot of situations, which might be very useful as examples for the newcomers.

As you can also see above, we could help you also with contacts related to your private life, like

travel, shopping ( handicrafts, furniture ), dining, relocation and law.


I hope that the number of our members will grow continuously to give us more chances and options for widening our networking and also to be able to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms of doing business in Indonesia.


Best regards,



The 5th Meeting of the Polish Business Club

The 5th Meeting of the Polish Business Club

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Last week during our 5th gathering, which took place at Eastern Promise, we celebrated our first anniversary of existence. For the first time we served a full buffet dinner (Indian Style) for which I would like to thank all of the staff of the EP and especially the manager, our friend Lens Ter Wee. THANK YOU.


We managed to welcome some people (we like to call them friends already) for the first time and one of them has brought for us a special present from Norway. Dagfinn Kvemmen, who is the Director of PT. Jankar Laut Sejehtera, a shipping agency, introduced to us the famous LINIE AQUAVIT.  Thank You, Dagfinn.

For those who do not know the story of this vodka, please visit:

We have been so enthusiastic trying the SPIRIT of NORWAY that I forgot about the most important thing prepared for that night.

As you all probably remember from the invitation for that evening sent to you earlier, I brought from Poland a Polish National Soccer Team official jersey with the autograph of the captain Kuba Błaszczykowski.

Natalka, our Chairwoman, took over the leadership for that moment and fantastically motivated the bidders (there were four of them) to increase the selling price.

Starting from one million as the asking price, we could hear people bidding 2 mln, 300 USD, 3.5 mln, 4 mln and finally finishing at 4,750, 000 Rp.

Our happy winner and very generous donor was Brendan Pound, a member of the Polish Business Club  since September last year, professionally an executive from the Tower Bersama Group.

The shirt is handed to Brandon by Marek, our Vice Chairman, who lost the final bidding to Brandon.

As you also might remember, I asked for Kuba’s autograph with the idea to use the proceeds from the sale of this shirt for charity.

Thus, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta will donate the money to the charity project “Hand by Hand Indonesia” my wife Beata is handling with her IB English B class at Jakarta International School.

One again Thank You, BRENDAN.

We did not want to waste a chance to have a photo with THE WINNER.
From the left to the right : myself, Brendan, Natalka, Marek

Although the number of guests was quite small (25) compared to the previous  meetings (35 – 45) we had a lot of fun and everybody was very happy.

We welcomed our always special guest, the chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Jakob Friis Sorensen, who gave us a small speech.

Other officials from Jakarta’s Business were also present that evening, as you can see in the picture below:


From the left to the right: Mr. Jakob Friis Sorensen, Chairman of EuroCham, Mr. Romuald Morawski, Head of the Polish Trade & Investment Promotion Division Office in Jakarta, a Danish businessman, and finally Mrs. Sorensen

As the evening was coming to the end (the official ending time was scheduled for 10 P.M.) we warmly welcomed a few of our Danish colleagues with whom we enjoyed it even more, especially the buzz. The gathering took on a new life.

Thank You, DANES.

To summarize, it was another fantastic gathering with a lot of fun and with a great appreciaation for the Polish Business Club at the end, shown by two more members signing up for the PBC, a Polish lady and a Swedish gentleman.

Thank You, Beata and Kenth, you receive membership numbers 59 & 60.





Fourth Meeting of the Polish Business Club

Fourth Meeting of the Polish Business Club

Jakarta, May 2012

Dear Members,

It has already been over two months since my last report. For a while there were few important happenings, except the release of the Guide for Polish Investors in Indonesia ( in Polish only ) created by the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of Poland.

I visited a few times the networking gatherings of the Swedish Business Association and also Alpenstammtisch International, networking which takes place at the Blü Martini Bar in the JW Marriott Hotel every Wednesday.

We have been recognized in the Jakarta Now monthly magazine, a small advertorial in their May edition.

Then the most important, long-awaited Networking Gathering arrived on the 10th of May. At the same venue as last December, we gathered 43 people on that Thursday night.

Meeting Attendees



With interesting presentations “Lessons learned” made by Krzys Berkieta and “The Art of living and working in Indonesia“ by Marek Bialoglowy, we had very good time and learned something new.

Marek Bialoglowy from ITSEC Asia presenting
Krzys Berkieta from Veris Consulting presenting

I would like once again to thank both of them for active participation in our gathering.

Double thanks should be given to Marek not only for the introduction of Indonesia as a place for living and working, but also to his company ITSEC ASIA for  sponsoring a KEG of beer.

Thank you, Marek!

On this occasion I would like to thank Joasia Staude-Potocka and DANONE – AQUA, at which she is the VP Marketing, for supplying us with Aqua water on that evening.

She also volunteered to give us a presentation during our next gathering ( at the end of August ) about drinking water in Jakarta.

Thank you, Joasia.

Last Thursday’s gathering has been a little bit unusual.

Together with Natalka I have prepared a Surprise Birthday cake and a present (a SEIKO Limited Edition watch with a commemorative engraving ) for our friend and Club member no. 32, a Swedish citizen, Mr. Roland Litsberger.

Roland Litsberger presented a gift

We had celebrated his 70th birthday with a toast and special request from the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Mrs. Ewa Polano – a birthday song in Swedish. Three of our guests – Swedish citizens – sang it perfectly.

Swedish Birthday Song


Talking about other nationalities, we have had as guests for the first time 16 new friends of our Club and I hope that maybe a few of them will be ready to join us as PBC members.

So far we have 56 confirmed members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta and I am hoping to raise this number to 60 very soon.

Once again, I would like to thank all who joined us in that evening for their participation in our gathering and I hope to see you and new sponsors in August as well.


Andrzej ( Andy ) Jakubowski


P.S.  You can see all of the pictures from the gathering below:


First Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

First Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Friends and Club Members,

A BIG step is now complete and the first meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta has taken place.

On the 19th of October at a great venue, Maroush Restaurant, located in Crowne Plaza Hotel, which proudly uses Polish KROSNO-made glasses, Polish Business Club members hosted a group of Polish businessmen whose trip to Indonesia was organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Warsaw .

Nine men assisted by three members of the Indonesian Embassy staff, lead by the Third Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Warsaw, Department of Economic Affairs, Mr. Aditya Kardin, arrived in Indonesia for a week, looking for opportunities to expand their businesses. Some of them came for the second and even third time to learn what else can be done for their business to succeed.



The Club’s first meeting, a cocktail evening, included delicious snacks prepared by Maroush Restaurant accompanied by beer and wine, and of course Zubrowka (Polish Vodka). The night included some special events organized by Mr. Adji Sudjianto, a member of our Club. Overall, I think the night was a great success and a good experience for the Club Members.



So far, we have 35 officially registered members in our Club and twelve took part in this event.

For the next meeting I am hoping for two of our members to step forward and present a short talk about their experience in handling business with Indonesian partners/ companies/clients. A quick 10 – 15 minute presentation, an educational anecdote of sorts that you have experienced, will certainly help us all learn something new about doing business in Indonesia.

A full description of the event and photos will be available soon on our website. Meanwhile, I will try to stay in touch with you, recruit new members, and research the best time and venue for our next gathering.

If you still have not paid membership dues or are interested in joining the Polish Business Club in Jakarta, please contact me at or visit our official website


Andrzej Jakubowski
Chairman – Polish Business Club in Jakarta


More Images From The Evening: