Eighth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Eighth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

At our last gathering we have been able to socialize and exchange experience within 36 professionals coming from 10 different countries, and 13 of them came for the first time.







As usually the atmosphere at the Eastern Promise was fantastic not only because of the delicious food and fantastic service but also because the manager, Lens Ter Wee, joined us for some time that evening.

Thank you Lens and your staff. I would like to thank also our sponsors for that night The Asian Tigers. 

During that night we have managed to recruit our member no. 80 – Michael Olsson, a Swedish citizen who is the owner of the

BMOlsson Group in Indonesia,


and also one Polish member and one from UK.

As you know, we are trying to make our gathering a little bit different from the other clubs and associations not only by serving free flow of Wyborowa but also by organizing for you short presentations which would give you some extra knowledge about life in Indonesia and its unexpected daily attractions.


Those of you who are with us since September / October 2011 will probably remember presentations about Polish – Indonesian Trade Exchange, corruption, its types and methods, which can be sadly encountered while doing business in Indonesia, “ Lessons Learned ” about due diligence work and cheating on the CVs, “Water for Life” – drinking water in Jakarta and also “New Mystique Program “ delivered by the Ritz Carlton Kuningan.


This time Michael Sargent, an information security specialist, presented to us “ Managing the Weakest Link “ which was about the security of our computer systems at work.


People have enjoyed it and probably will implement his advice in their daily routines at work.

Talking about presentations, I would like to ask you all for participation in our gatherings by giving me some ideas for the next gathering presentation.

I know already when it is going to happen ( 15th of April / Monday ), on a day when the Polish Business Club together with the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia will host a group of representatives from the Warsaw School of Business and Sekolah Tinggih Manajemen.








I will keep you informed about future happenings related to our activities.



Andrzej ( Andy )

Sixth Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Sixth Meeting of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Jakarta, November 2012
Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

We can call the November 1st gathering another success of our Club.

At the gathering taking place at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang, we have managed to gather 45 people.
I call it success not because of the total number of guests attending, but because we welcomed 20 non-members – many of them for the very first time.

Let’s start from the beginning,

First, I would like to thank our regular supporters for coming – the staff of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division and also the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.  Thank you for your support.

Once again I would like to WELCOME to our Club member number 69 and the official sponsor for our next 5 gatherings:



Bill Lloyd,the General Manager, has given us an introduction of his company and assured me that investing as a sponsor into our Club’ networking has been a good choice.

Thank you Bill, and we will do our best to keep your expectations alive.
Our 70th member, Robert Davies the CEO of COBRA Group Indonesia   http://www.cobraindonesia.com/, has enlarged our members nationality count ( he is Welsh ) to 12 and and the industry type to 38.

Welcome Rob and I hope you will be satisfied networking with us.

Very, very big thanks should go to our member Joanna Staude-Potocka, the VP marketing of Danone – Aqua Indonesia, for showing us the importance of water in our lives by giving a memorable presentation “Water for Life “.
The acoustics was not perfect, but the essence of that presentation and the performance……. were outstanding.

BRAVO Joanna and thank you for the Aqua ” Reflections ” water you have brought for the evening.

The other thanks should be going the management and staff of Murphy’s, our host that night, for the quality of food and the service we received. Thank you ALL.

As you see there are many people to thank for the success of our gatherings. Going further, I would like also to thank two SENIOR friends for taking part in our networking activity, who regardless of age ( combined 148 years ) and the nationality ( Polish and Swedish ) have met again in Jakarta after more than two years.

Jerzy Mirecki & Roland Litsberger

Taking the last opportunity to introduce our newest members, I would like to present to you the number 71…………. PT. Prathama Line Logistics.




Knowing this company for more than 15 years and using it for export and import between Poland and Indonesia, I would recommend their services to anybody who is planning to do so as well.

And this is it for this time.
I am thinking about organizing the next gathering of the Polish Business Club still before the Christmas Holidays, on Thursday the 13th of December.
Please email me whether you will be in town at that time and would be willing to join us for the 7th gathering.

Best regards to all of you,

Andrzej ( Andy )
Chairman | Polish Business Club in Jakarta
C: +62 816700053