Report from the XXII Gathering

Report from the XXII Gathering

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


First of all, I would like to apologize for this late report, but as most of you know I am already on my annual holiday in Poland and my working energy is focusing mostly on recharging.

Before I start my report from our last (the 22-nd) Gathering, I would like to announce with big pride that we are back into our charity actions. Because of the popularity of the Polish Vodkas WYBOROWA & ZUBROWKA served during our gatherings, PBC donated one bottle of each to the fund raising organized by the Rotary Club Cilandak The skills of the auctioneer ( Mr. Mark Atkins the General Manager of the Kristal Hotel ) helped to rise totally 9 million rupiah ( 3 mln Wyborowa & 6 mln Zubrowka ) during the last two auctions.

Just to remind you, since January 2014 our Club managed to raise directly or indirectly 10mln + 10mln + 22.5mln + 9mln = 51.5mln for the same cause – helping unprivileged children of Indonesia.

I would like to thank all of you who have even in a smallest way taken part in those auctions.

Planning our 22-nd gathering we focused only on our venue, and of course on the food and service. All of it has been perfectly delivered by our host, The Ritz Carlton Kuningan      www.


The poolside was fantastic, buffet meal delicious, and service at the highest level.

Thank you once again.

I would like to thank the management for giving our members 25% discount for the ASIA Restaurant and 15% for TEMPUS Night Club.

Planning our 22-nd gathering we forgot that on that date was the 26th anniversary of the first free elections in Poland. On the 4th of June 1989, 45 years after the end of WW2, Poland experienced for the first time the free elections,_1989

For some of us, especially for the Polish guests, that night had double format to enjoy.

DSC09659 copy

We had two bottles of wine donated for the raffles draw by Society Wines represented by our friend

Sunil and two free meals delivered by Everyday Chef and donated by our member Dan.

63 guests, including the Polish Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski, tried to build up new social and business relationships. Out of this number, 22 people joined our gathering for the first time and I felt at the end, that most of them will join us during our next gathering as well.

DSC09618 copy

Mark your calendar on the 3rd of September for the next gathering. The venue will be announced later.

To summarize, we are very happy that our Club is being recognized by more and more professionals based in Jakarta, and all of them and their friends are very welcome to join us in September.

DSC09583 copy

For those of you  who could not make it this time (4th of June), the companies below were present:                                                       

With best regards from Poland,

Andrzej / Andy

Report from the XIX Gathering

Report from the XIX Gathering

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

First, I would like to thank all of you who found time and joined us last Thursday. For the second time in the row, the number of gatherers surpassed 60.

That evening, as the pre-Christmas Gathering, was very unique with a lot of fun, and for some also quite fortunate.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.17.43 PM

For the first time we had organized some extra sponsors, who donated many vouchers for dinners/lunches to the Lucky Draw.

Naturally, this time all of our guests were willing to decorate our cork board with they name cards, and some even created them with pen and paper at the last moment before the Lucky Draw started.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.17.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.18.05 PM

I would like to thank all of our sponsors that evening, starting with the Asian Tigers Mobility for sponsoring all of our 6 events this year. I hope that we will be able to extend our business relationship for the year 2015 and your logo and representatives will be present during our next year gatherings.

I would like to convey special thanks to :

–     The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Pacific Place

for donating two lunch/dinner vouchers and giving to our club members a 10%  discount for the whole year 2015 at their PACIFIC RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, 6th FLOOR

–      JW Marriott Jakarta, for donating two lunch/dinner vouchers and giving to our club members a 25% discount for the whole year 2015 at their Salendra Restaurant, a 20%  discount at Pearl Restaurant and a 15% discount at the Blu Martini Bar,

–     Anatolia, Maroush, Front Row, Cater King  ,  for donating four lunch/dinner vouchers and giving to our club members a 20% discount for the whole year 2015 at their restaurants,

–      EL GRECO Gourment Cafe for donating two lunch/dinner vouchers and giving to our club members a 10%  discount for the whole year 2015 at their place at Setiabudi 2, Kuningan,

–      Turkuaz – Turkish Cusine & Baklava House,, for donating two lunch/dinner vouchers,

–      Eastern Promise Bar & Restaurant,, for donating not only two lunch/dinner vouchers but also for a great atmosphere and perfect service during our gatherings,

–      Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, , for donating not only two lunch/dinner vouchers but also for a great atmosphere and perfect service during our gatherings,

–      Sunil Melwani from Society Wines for donating 2 bottles of wine,

–      Dan from My Wine Supplier  for donating 2 bottles of wine as well

    and also

            ALAM BAHASA, our member from Jogyakarta for coming specially to our gathering and distributing to our guests their small 2015 table calendars.

THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!!

  I would like to extend special thanks to the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski, for visiting us that night together with his family. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.18.23 PM

Not only the Polish Embassy in Jakarta was represented that night, but also the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, the First Counsellor Mr. Roman Morawski led his office representation.

For the first time we also welcomed a representative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an expert from the Department of Foreign Policy Strategy, Mrs. Lidia Powirska.

Generally, our gatherers represented the following industries, departments and offices:                                                              

As the temperature in the room was rising and more and more of our guests were wining different vouchers and bottles of wine, we continued  and successfully finished the auction of our precious possession – the autographed Manchester United jersey. As you might remember the money collected from this auction will be donated to the ISCO Foundation  which is active in bringing education to over 2,500 disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

Our member Dagfinn Kvammen for the second time has shown his generosity and warm heart. He decided to share his happiness and wealth with those who need it, and offered 20,000,000 Rp for that jersey. Another 2,500,000 Rp was donated to this project by Matt, also our Club’s member.

Once again THANK YOU Dagfinn & Matt

Together with Dagfinn we went last Wednesday to deliver the money to the ISCO Foundation, which happened to be the

Alpenstammtisch International” (ASI) International Networking

                                      Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.18.34 PMfrom the left to right:  Josef Fush, myself, Dagfinn Kvammen and Dovina

With all of the festivities on Thursday the 11th of December 2014 at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, I would say that we as the Polish Business Club, have finished the year 2014 with a Big Bang, so to keep it rolling in the right direction at the right speed, I would like to wish you a…………………………………

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.18.45 PM


Andrzej / Andy

Report from the XVI Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XVI Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta


Last week’s gathering  provided those who attended it a lot of fun and also showed the involvement of our members and friends in charity. Perfect hospitality extended to us by the staff of Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Arcadia Senayan for the second time in a row gave us a feeling of “quality time.” THANK YOU!

Forty  guests attended our gathering and 25 of them were our members.

We welcomed 10 guests for the first time and I think the attendance was quite successful considering the heavy traffic in Central Jakarta and the Swedish National Day, which “stole” quite a few of our  “regular” guests.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we handed over a 5,000,000 Rp cheque to Dan Roberts, the Founder and the Managing Director of the Red Nose Foundation, , with the purpose to sponsor 6 kids to travel to Poland for the  Brave Kids Festival

Dan introduced to us briefly the activity of the foundation run by him, and also mentioned shyly that they were a little bit short with funds required for the trip.

Our spontaneous action and generosity of our guests helped the Red Nose Foundation with additional 2,880,000 Rp plus 2,000,000 Rp donated to the project by Killian Murphy, the General Manager of Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang . What a marvellous benefactor! Thank you!


As you may have already noticed, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta has so far sponsored three different foundations using auctions of the sport/soccer/football memorabilia.

Using not only my personal contacts, but also those of our Clubs members, I procured and was able to present to our guests during last Thursday’s gathering another autographed soccer jersey to be auctioned in the future.

With the help of Rob Davis, our member number 70, I would like to present to you one of only 30 pieces available, a  Manchester United jersey autographed by former players of this most famous soccer club.


I am planning to  introduce this jersey for auction during our next gathering, which will probably take place in the first week of September, and I hope that we will be able to bid a price much higher that the three auctioned thus far.


Writing this report from Poland on my holiday, I would like to wish all of you all the best.


More pictures from the gathering are below.





Andrzej / Andy


Report from the XV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Hello Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.



For the fifteenth time already we managed to organize our Club’s gathering, since it started its activity in August 2011.

The number of our signed-in members is growing also, and by last Thursday we have welcomed a total of 109 members.


Those who could make it that night ( unfortunately none of our sponsors/supporters was present ) had a lot of fun not only because of the new venue  –  Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Arcadia Senayan , but also because of the atmosphere we managed to create.


Almost 60 guests and members gathered, representing the businesses below:

With great assistance from the staff of Molly Malone’s and Manager Trevor Hough, all had a lot of fun, I presume, and took full advantage of the opportunity to build up their networking contacts.

Not only is the number of our members growing, but also the number of the countries they come from.

They represent 18 different nationalities.

Because of that, I introduced to them a small part of our rich culture (especially the one which involves the female part of Polish nation) by showing to them the recently very famous Polish video clip  ” My Slowianie “,  ,  which you can translate to ” We, the Slavs. ”


There was no English version available last Thursday, but I think that there was not even one moment of misunderstanding, and almost everybody was very focused on watching, as you could see in the picture below :

Their attention to the TV screen was much better than listening to any of the speakers at any of the gatherings I have attended before.

You see…. the Polish culture is very, very interesting. ;)))

The second  “attention grabber” that night was an auction of the autographed jersey of the of the captain of the Polish National Soccer Team, Kuba Blaszczykowski, who is also the captain of the second best team from Germany’s Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund.


As you all know already, the money from the auction will be going to support the six children from the RED NOSE FOUNDATION  to travel this summer for two weeks to Poland to take part in the  Brave Kids Festival


We managed to help them with a 5,000,000 Rp donation – the winner of this  “one man race” was Lennart Stockman, our Norwegian member, who is the Genaral Manager of Wilhelmsen Ships Service


On behalf of the RED NOSE FOUNDATION, I would like to THANK YOU, Lennart.


After the auction we continued enjoying conversations and meeting new people, and if I am not mistaken more than 15  joined us for the first time that night. There were so many things to say or to listen to what others where saying, that some of us stayed nearly until 1 A.M.


Another great gathering as you can see in the pictures below:

More pictures from the event will be posted on our website Those of you with Facebook accounts can also see more photos posted on the official Molly Mallone’s Facebook page (, search for the post from the 3rd or 4th of April.



Andrzej / Andy


Special thanks to Mrs. Elzbieta Morawska for taking the photos:


Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Report from the XIV Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


I would like to share with you some details related to our last week’s gathering. The XIV Gathering.

As you all have noticed from my invitation, we started this year with upgrading our meeting place.

We chose the Blu Martini at the JW Marriott at first. And this was the right decision. Good food, the right atmosphere and a big turn-out gave us a perfect and enjoyable evening.

So, I would like to take a moment and say Thank You to the management and staff of the JW Marriott and Blu Martini for giving us a good time.

I would like to thank this year’s main sponsor, the Asian Tigers Mobility for sponsoring beer that night and also our new member no. 103, Mr. Sunil Melwani from the Society Wines ( ) for sponsoring most of our red wine.

Once again, Thank You All.

Gathered were 56 guests, 31 of whom were our Club members with wives, husbands or partners. 19 people came for the very first time, giving us a feeling that our Club is gaining more and more popularity within Jakarta’s business society.

Six of our guests were regulars who join our meetings once in a while when in town.


Some of you might remember that some time last year we introduced during our gatherings, which have a major purpose of networking, a cork board for your name cards to pin on it. This innovation has a triple advantage:

1. Looking at it, you will see who is in the room you might need to make contact with.

2. Your email address will be automatically registered to our mailing list so you can get reports and invitations to the next gatherings.

3. If your name card has a www. website info, it will be mentioned in our report as well.



Last Thursday we noted the presence of representatives of the following companies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


We also welcomed four new members to enlarge our Club to consist of 106 members.

Talking about members, I would like to remind you that after we introduced our new membership cards, you ( the members ) can purchase Qatar Airways tickets with an exclusive corporate deal ( terms and conditions apply ) and also, thanks to the courtesy of the JW Marriott, receive discounts up to:

25% discount on buffet for lunch and dinner, excluding Sunday Branch at Salendra Restaurant,

20%  discount on a la carte and weekend Yamcha at Pearl Restaurant,

15%  discount on for food and beverages at Blu Martini ( alcohol and non alcohol except alcohol by bottle ),

10% discount for items except alcohol beverages at Cake Box.

One membership ID is valid for maximum 10 persons.

Black Out Dates for this offer apply.


Coming back to our last week gathering, some time after 10 P.M. unexpectedly we welcomed Guests of Honor, H.E

Ambasador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Tadeusz Szumowski with his wife Agata Szumowska. Since this was his first official contact with the Polish Community, everybody including the Committee of the Polish Business Club tried to take advantage of the situation and take a picture with them.



With this optimistic accent of support from the most important persons at the Embassy of Poland, the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

finished its XIV Gathering around midnight and is ready to take further steps to work on organizing the next gathering, which will take place in the first week of April.

About the exact date and place you will all be informed around the middle of March.


Wishing you all the best,

Andrzej / Andy


See more photos below:



Chairman’s Report: December 2013

Chairman’s Report: December 2013

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta:

At the beginning of my report, I would like to thank everybody who joined us at the Eastern Promise last Thursday night.

As usual, we had a very good atmosphere and 47 guests took full advantage of the networking night. The popularity of our clubs gathering brought us 17 newcomers that night, plus 12 regular guests and 18 members. We also welcomed two new members to our Club, Claude H. Vixmar and H.Clay Myers.

Some of the contacts to the companies who were present at our gathering:                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Since it was the last gathering of the year 2013, I presented to our guests a summary of some numbers and facts from over two years of activity of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta:

27                                      –              months the Polish Business Club exists,

97 (+ 2  brand new)      –              the number of members,

17                                      –              the nationalities in our Club,

13/500+++               –              number of gatherings and guests  attended,

over 2000           –              number of visits to our official website


Our additional achievements:

In August 2012, during our Fifth Gathering, we auctioned a jersey with the autograph of the captain of the Polish National soccer team Kuba Blaszczykowski

The gathered funds were spend to help to the project Hand by Hand Indonesia

 which supports one of the local schools in Cilandak

We purchased wall maps, English-Indonesian Picture Dictionaries, some stationery and sports equipment

In October 2012 the Polish Business Club signed a one year sponsorship agreement with The ASIAN TIGERS MOBILITY to sponsor our Gatherings

(By the way, their contract has expired and we are looking for a new sponsor !!!!!! Any interested party, please contact me directly at 0816700053 )


In May 2013 together with the JIS students who are in charge of the Hand by Hand Indonesia Program, we managed to organize  the renovation of two bathrooms at that school they are taking care of.

which have been transformed into:



In September 2013 during our Eleventh Gathering, we auctioned some vintage soccer programs and a book about the best times of the Celtic Glasgow soccer team.

and we used the money to organize an 8-a-side  Soccer Tournament for the students of “our” school in late September.

Polish Business Club funded the medals for all of the participants and also an ice cream treat. One of our close friends, Mr. Wojciech Kur, director of the Adidas Indonesia, donated 16 pairs of Adidas Soccer shoes to the winners.  Once again – Thank You, Wojtek!

Also in September 2013 we signed a one-year agreement with Qatar Airways to be enable the Polish Business Club Members and their families to use corporate rates for trips to selected destinations to Europe.


This agreement  – as well as the free round-trip free donated to the Polish Community by the Jakarta office of  Qatar Airways  – gave me an idea to do more.

We organized more sponsors for the Christmas Polish Community Gathering at the Polish Embassy on the 7th of December, which was therefore very memorable for all present at this event. Once again I would like to thank all of the sponsors.

So far, these are all of our achievements during 27 months of activity and to sum it up I would like to mention one more thing: The Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Indonesia

and our Club have established a perfect business relationship, which I hope will last a very long time for the benefits on both sides.

Now let’s get back to our recent gathering on December 12th, 2013.

We had a guest from the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Mr Joko Haryanto, the Director of FB Sales & Event Management, who presented to the Members of the Polish Business Club and their clients special discounts up to 25% (for food and non-alcoholic beverages) valid until the end of 2014.

Thank you, JW Marriott.

As you might remember ( those who read my reports ;), for the last three gatherings, I have been trying to auction another jersey autographed by Kuba Blaszczykowski.


We managed it last Thursday, very successfully, with a combined amount of 8,500,000 Rp from our two friendly bidders:

This amount will be donated to the community of porters from KAWAH IJIN  ( please watch the video if you haven’t yet!!! ) This amount will be enough to sponsor one year of education for 14 children.


Overall, I think that with Natalia’s and Marek’s support, we have done a great job as the Polish Business Club this year. Knowing that our activities in Indonesia are also helpful to others, I am ready for a wonderful Christmas holiday. Thus, on this occasion, since this is my last report this year, I would like to

               Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014







Best regards,

Andrzej Jakubowski

Chairman | Polish Business Club in Jakarta
C: +62 816700053
Chairman’s Report: September 2013

Chairman’s Report: September 2013

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

With those of you who did not join us at last week’s gathering of our Club, I would like to share some highlights from that event.
Before I start , I would like to thank once again our host, the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto for perfect hospitality, which even the 30-minute blackout couldn’t phase, and our sponsor the Asian Tigers Mobility for helping us financially with some of our beverages.
I would like to thank also all of you ( 32 people joined us that evening ) who fought very heavy traffic to make it to our meeting.

During that gathering we introduced for the first time an idea of one of our members, Kenth Weston – the Name Card Board. I brought with me a cork board which we used to pin the name cards of our guests – for better recognition.

You just look at the board to see who is in the room and if anybody is in your networking interest.
The only problem with this was that some of our guests came to the networking event without their own name cards! Ladies and gents, please carry them with you next time when you come to our gathering. It will help you to find / recognize people with whom you would like to make contact.
The highlight of the night was supposed to be the auction of a jersey autographed by the captain of the Polish National Soccer Team, Kuba Blaszczykowski

but unfortunately we had no Polish soccer fans present that night. I will try to do it ( auction the jersey ) once again during our next gathering.
We had some money raised from sale of the book describing the best years of the Celtics Glasgow and you can read about it at
There was also a generous donation by one of our first-time guests, for which I would like to thank on behalf of the Club and particularly the supported school.
Generally, we had fun once again and also as proof that our Club is becoming more popular – 14 of our guests joined us for the first time.


More pictures from that event you will find here:

Cheers, and see you in 6 – 8 weeks during our next gathering.

Chairman’s Report: August 2013

Chairman’s Report: August 2013

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.Vacation has already ended for some of us and it is time to start our networking activities.

Before I announce my plan for our next gathering, I would like to share with you some interesting events from my holidays. Before I left Jakarta, on behalf of our Club and in collaboration with the JIS IB English B Service Learning Project, we decided to improve the daily hygiene of one  hundred and fifty students who had been using two toilets in the condition as you can see below – and nowhere to wash their hands afterwards:

so we arranged a total renovation of those two bathrooms and today, two months later, they look like this:

The JIS IB English B students will be teaching the elementary Indonesian students some basic rules for washing hands after using a toilet, and we hope all of the students, big and small, will learn a lot from this experience.

Where did the money for this renovation and other assistance for the school come from? Some was raised by the students themselves, but it is not enough. As some of you might remember, last year I brought a jersey of the Polish National soccer team with the autograph of  its captain, Kuba Blaszczykowski ,  who is a key  player of Borussia Dotrmund.

We auctioned it for 4,750,000 Rp. – equivalent to the value of ten classroom size World Maps, sports equipment, English Picture Dictionaries and some stationery that was purchased for this elementary school.

Also this June, at my wife’s goddaughter’s wedding, I had a chance to again meet this wonderful person and to thank him for last year’s gesture. It gave me an idea to repeat last year’s auction following the same theme – soccer.

Thus, I would like to present to you once again, to auction off, one Polish National team jersey with Kuba Blaszczykowski’s autograph plus an official card with his picture, autograph, and some info about him.
The starting price will be 1,500,000 Rp,


Later in July I traveled to the UK ( London, Manchester, Edinburgh ) where I met some very interesting football fans. One of them was Andrew Dobinson, whose family welcomed us for two nights in St. Albans near London. While we were enjoying his home-made English Ale and exchanging football memories, when he heard about our last year’s auction, he generously donated some of his finest treasures to support the school charity project.

And here I am presenting to you:

–      for fans of Celtic Glasgow, I have a book called “Celtics Triumphant” by Ian Peebels, printed exclusively for the members of the Sportsman Club Book in 1968.

“I think this book will appeal to Scots, English, Welsh fans and anyone else who wonders how good Celtic really were in their greatest ever year. ” –  said Charles Patrick Tully

                                          99 pages and the starting price will be 500,000 Rp.

–   The official programme of Manchester United FC for the Charity Shield Challenge Match versus Tottenham Hotspur on August 12th, 1967.
                                             12 pages and the starting price will be 200,000 Rp.


–   The official programme of  Manchester United FC  versus Chelsea match on August 24th, 1968.

                                             12 pages and the starting price will be 200,000 Rp.

– The official programme of Chelsea Football Club versus West Ham United on September 21st,1968.

                                            20 pages and the starting price will be 200,000 Rp.

– The last one and the most colorful is the official programme of the FA Cup Final, playing Arsenal versus Manchester United on Wembley Stadium on the 12th of May, 1979.

48 pages and the starting price will be 500,000 Rp.

I hope that Football enthusiasts will not miss a chance to own some of those printouts, having also the satisfaction of helping one of the local Indonesian communities – an elementary school.

So be ready for the Polish Business Club meeting on Thursday September 5th and the auction.


The second highlight of my summer holiday was the participation in the XVI World Conference of the Polish Business People Living Abroad, taking place in June in Warsaw.
Over 200 business people from almost 20 countries ( USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, UEA, Kuwait, South Africa, Zambia, Moldavia, and many European countries congregated for the three days, enjoyed exchanging business information, andshared their experiences. I also got to play a part in it as well by giving a short presentation about business opportunities in Indonesia and outlining the activities of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Not only were the participants interested in Indonesia and our Club, but also Polish National Television TVP  asked me some questions related to our activities.


During that conference I made many direct contacts with other participants representing not only individual companies but also various Business Clubs.
Thus we are now connected with :

Fundacja Polonia,
Funfacja Polonia International,
European Business Club Association
Canadian – Polish Chamber of Commerce of British Columbia,
Polish Business Club UEA,
Poland – Germany Consult,
Polish – German Trade and Information Center,
Polish – American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and the Americas,
Business Centre Club – Chicago Lodge,
Israel – Poland Chamber of Commerce,
Polnishe Unternehmer in Nurnberg
 and many others.

I made a key contact for us by chatting with the guest of honor, the Minister of Economy, Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Janusz Piechocinski. I also presented to him some materials about the Polish Business Club in Jakarta and gave him a publication published by the Trade and Investment Promotion Division in Jakarta with information about investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Generally, during that Conference participants were looking for some ideas how to take advantage of our knowledge, experienceand geographical position to build up new businesses.

At the end of my vacation, with one of the Conference participants who was interested in investing in Indonesia’s Energy Sector, I visited the Indonesian Embassy in Warsaw. We met the new Minister Counsellor, Mr. Bambang Prihartadi, and the Commercial Secretary, Mr.Magnus Salaman Isfahani, and we discussed opportunities of business exchange between Poland and Indonesia.


And this is it as far as the “business” side of my vacation. Let’s move to more pleasurable events.
I would like to invite all of you to our next one, the XI Gathering of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.Following our good experience combined with perfect hospitality, the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto in Kemang,  will be our venue on Thursday, the 5th of September 2013.

We are inviting you there from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The entrance rules are the same as before:

200,000 Rp fee for the Club Member (whose wives/girlfriends pay the same amount)


300,000 Rp for non-members and their guests.

We will provide a buffet dinner ( Indian food ) , free flow of beer, red/white wine, soft drinks & mixers and some Polish vodka WYBOROWA.

Because we have some conditions related to the rent of the facility and services during our gatherings, please confirm, PLEASE REALLY DO CONFIRM your attendance by responding to this mail, to say that YOU ARE or that YOU ARE NOT coming (regrets are also important!).

Best regards to you all and see you on Thursday, September 5th.


Andrzej Jakubowski
Chairman | Polish Business Club in Jakarta
Chairman’s Report: April 2013

Chairman’s Report: April 2013

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta,

It has been eight weeks already since my last report:

Let’s start from the beginning.

I have been trying to be active and promote our Club within Jakarta’s business society.
By visiting the gatherings like  “Alpenstammtisch International” taking part on Wednesdays at the Blue Martini Bar at Marriott Hotel, Swedish Business Association Cocktail Networking Event or European Joint Gathering ( EuroCham, German EKONID, French IFCCI, BritCham and Benelux INA ) some good contacts have been made and the wider promotion of our Club done.

Back in February, the European Chamber of Commerce has invited me to take part in

EuroCham – Edelman 2013 Trust Barometer Briefing

” This was the 5th year of results for Indonesia.

Edelman ( ) has globally launched the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. Edelman Trust Barometer is the firm’s global survey on trust and credibility in the institutions of Business, Government, Media and NGOs. The survey is considered to be the largest of its kind about the trust andcredibility of institutions around the world. The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer sampled almost 32,000 respondents in 26 countries.”

For full details of the Indonesian trust results you can visit :
If any of you would like the Polish Trust results, we would be able to pass them to our members.

Another important happening took place on the 12th of March, when the Board of our Club has met with the representatives of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.


We have become ” business partners” since day one of our activity in Indonesia,  and we had summarized our activity during the year 2012 and planned some actions for 2013.  For more detailed report from that night  ( in Polish only ) you can visit:,34766,.html

A few days later, on the 20th of March I have been invited by the Trade & Investment Promotion Division to take part in the

Representatives of three Embassies ( Polish, Russian and Brazilian ) have given presentations on Investment Opportunities and Industrial Cooperation in their countries.
In our case the Counsellor Mr. Roman Morawski, First Secretary Mr. Tomasz Pietka and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Igor Kaczmarczyk, have introduced Poland from the side of the investment opportunities and legal procedures.

The organizers have been represented by:
Director General of International Industrial Cooperation, Ministry of Industry, Director of the Center of Industrial Policy andBusiness Climate, Deputy Director of Manufacturing Sector Promotion, BKPM and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerceand Industry (KADIN Indonesia).

It has been quality time for me being able to explore and compare three different world economies promoting their proseand cons in a field of investment opportunities.
The full report from this Forum ( in Polish only ) you can read at :,34823,.html

For non-Polish speaking members, I would recommend to visit the official site of the  Jakarta’s  Trade & Investment Promotion Division  , where you will find full and very updated information related to our country and its activity in Indonesia.


Andrzej Jakubowski | Chairman

Ninth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Ninth Gathering of the Polish Business Club

Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Our IXth Gathering is already behind us, and I could proudly call it a huge success.

Before I come to some details of that night, I would like to thank our supporters & sponsors:

The First Chancellor Mr. Romuald Morawski , Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia for excellent ,professional  support of the Gathering & welcoming speech to all of the Polish and Indonesian students taking part in that Gathering,

and sponsor : Asian Tigers Mobility – Indonesia,    for sponsoring our fourth event in the row.

I would like also to thank Mr. Jacob Friis Sorensen, the Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, for joining us that night and introducing to our guests basic aspects of business relationships between EU and Indonesia,

and of course, I  would like to thank the staff and management of the KOI Kemang restaurant, ,for organizing for us a perfect venue and serving delicious food & cold beverages.

Exactly 60 people were present there on the 15th of April, as a part of the evening to honor 18 Polish students from the Warsaw School of Economic and over 10 from PPM School of Management.

As you might remember, the Polish students came to Indonesia to attend the Emerging Market Business Conference organized by PPM School of Management from Jakarta


All of us had a very good time trying to exchange news from the Polish side related to the educational system for the daily routine and cultural aspects of Indonesia. We as the hosts were trying to advise them how to survive and at the same time to enjoy the short time of their very first visit to this country.

Because of a very tight schedule of that visit, during which after four days in Jakarta all of them moved to Bandung for two days and then to Jogya for another five, only on Tuesday morning we had a chance to talk with them again.

The Trade & Investment Promotion Division and our Club were invited to the Auditorium Bina  Manajemen of the PPM School of Management, where we took a part in the first Session of the Conference, with topics “Entrepreneur is Pioneer of Developing Country “ and “ Economic Growth vs Environmental Awareness.“. Over 200 hundred’s participants were present.

During that first part, the First Secretary of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, Mr. Tomasz Pietka, introduced to the students of PPM economic information about Poland , business & investment opportunities in relationships with Indonesia.

Our Club also got a few minutes of attention in the form of a presentation about our goals and activity, delivered in Bahasa by our Vice Chairwoman Natalka Sintadewi.


Polish Business Club together with our close supporter, the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, for the last few months tried to monitor and give some advice to the hosts of this Conference, in relation of the visit of the Polish students. As appreciation for our help, the Dean of PPM School of Management, Mr. Martinus Sulisto Rusli, presented the Counsellor Mr. Morawski and myself plaques with the name of their school.

While I was writing this report, the Polish students together with their Indonesian partners, were still enjoying the beauty of the island of Java combined with culture and some educational events, and I hope they will be very satisfied with their stay and the hospitality experienced during their trip.


We have planned already to have our next Gathering on Thursday the 30th of May. Make sure to mark it down in your calendar!