An enthusiastic group of like-minded people with Polish roots took this idea forward

and the Polish Business Club in Jakarta was born.


The actual preparations took a few months, with full commitment and help from the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Jakarta, and particularly with the help of its Counselor, Mr. Romuald Morawski. After many meetings and preparations of the legal side, at the beginning of June 2011 the Club was officially registered according to Indonesian law and we were ready to start.

Club promotion

Because normally June and July are considered holiday months, I traveled to Poland, where I was busy taking advantage of the good opportunity to promote our newly established Club outside of Indonesia. On June 25 – 26 I took part in the XIV World Economic Congress of Polonia ( Polish people living and working overseas ) organized by Fundation Polonia www.fundacjapolonia.pl. During the two days of the Congress, I had a chance to introduce our Club to similar establishments from the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany and Russia, and also to deliver a speech for all participants to promote the Indonesian market and its export – import regulations.

On another occasion I met Mr. Moch. Aditya Kardin, The Head of Economic Affairs at The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and I also had a chance to talk and introduce our Club to H.E. Mr. Darmansjah Djumala, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Poland.

At the end of June, I had a chance to meet the Head of Division of Department of Bilateral Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Artur Dabkowski. One month later, I introduced our Club to the Vice President of European Business Club Association, Mr. Janusz Cieslak.

Polish Embassy Support

At the end of August, together with other members of the Club board (Natalia Sintadewi & Marek Bialoglowy ) and Counselor Romuald Morawski, we met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia, H.E. Grzegorz Wisniewski. During that visit we outlined our goals and also received from him full support of the Polish Embassy in Indonesia for our activities.

Club Launch

After all of those meetings, finally, we are ready to officially launch the activities of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta. As I have mentioned already in this letter, the Trade & Investment Promotion Division supports our activity and is prepared by operating the web-site http://jakarta.trade.gov.pl/id which fully promotes and informs interested parties about trade and economic relationship between Poland and Indonesia. I would recommend visiting this site.