10th year of action by the Polish Business Club

10th year of action by the Polish Business Club

Dear Friends and Members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.


On one hand, a great twofold satisfaction, and on the other, enormous sadness has led me to write this letter.

Satisfaction #1, because at the end of August our Polish Business Club began its 10th year of existence.  From the beginning until the first week of February this year, we hosted 51 pre-scheduled gatherings with over 2,000 guests attending. Within that time only one gathering was canceled due to Ramadan-postponed activities.

The sadness comes from the fact that since February’s official recognition of COVID 19 Pandemic, all of the gatherings have had to be canceled or postponed. 

Travel bans, limited opportunities to carry out business meetings and continued fear of being infected have limited our pleasure of being with people face to face, talking to them directly, and enjoying Jakarta’s gatherings organized by different clubs and associations. No WhatsApp chat, emails or even online webinars can offer a substitute for those feelings.

I spent the last six months in Poland (returned 2 weeks ago using Berlin-Doha connection) not being able to return to Jakarta as my country banned all flights to and from outside of the EU. In my case, for the last 10 years I have been loyal to Qatar Airways, which used to fly directly to Warsaw, I had no other option than to fly from Berlin. Poland has kept up a relatively good fight with COVID 19; its 38+ million population has counted 74 thousand infections with around 2 thousand succumbing to the virus. I can understand the travel ban, inconvenient as it is.

Satisfaction # 2 is being back! Even if after six months of absence some things did not work in our rented house as they should, we were very happy to be back.

We simply love Indonesia and the people!

As to the potential meetings and gatherings in Jakarta in the near future, which will not take place for an uncertain period of time, let’s remain in touch through WhatsApp, emails and webinars, which I will try to attend regularly.

The Polish Business Club will prevail!