44th Gathering Report

Dear Members Friends of the Polish business club in Jakarta,


It is happening.
We met on the 6th of September for the 43rd time since the establishmen of the Polish Business Club in August 2011.
The last gathering began our 8th year of networking activity with a splendid crowd of 49 guests.


They were just a small fraction of nearly 2000 guests of very different nationalities, and more than 60 % were nationalities other than Polish. Over a dozen of interesting presentations gave us and our guests very valuable information about expat life here in Indonesia and its pros and cons. Our charity actions within those years collected for Indonesian and Polish children over 235 mln IDR.

Thank you, Marek and Natalia for your help in running our successful networking platform – the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Mentioning the charity, on the 12th of January 2019 we are organizing for the third time in Indonesia, and for the second time on the beautiful island of Bali, the Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – a fund raiser


A close up of a sign Description generated with very high confidence
Those of you unfamiliar with that organization, you can visit their official websitehttps://en.wosp.org.pl/
Those of you, who would like to know how we do it in Indonesia please click those links:
January 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA1AFDXO8P4
January 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vngzHIaTX20

You are very welcome to join us on this occasion in a form of being there with us, or donating some unique items for our auction, or donating some money to that great cause.

Coming back to our previous gathering, I would like to thank once again Marek, our vice Chairman, for donating a keg of beer, and also Sunil of the Society Wines, for donating 2 bottles of an Australian Wine for our Lucky Draw moment.
On behalf, of Roland of Sweden and Eddy of Australia, the winners, I would like also to thank Sunil.

And now some Polish accent.

We had no opportunity to say farewell to our friend Igor Kaczmarczyk, the former Consul at the Polish Embassy, who moved back to Poland after 6 years of being with us as our Club Member, but we are officially welcome in his successor Mr. Jakub Janas, who has already committed to join our Club.
Consul Mr. Jakub Janas ( on the left ) with the Defence Attache, Col. Leszek Słomka
On behalf of Pierogi – Pierogi, our first in Indonesia Polish traditional food producer/caterer, I would like to thank all of you, or maybe only some of you – for being part of the growing success of this business.


They sales are growing, and if you still haven’t tried PIEROGI, you can always order PIEROGI through Go-Food or cater your lunch or dinner directly by WhatsApp – 081382828250

To summarize and avoid any “ double dates “ with other associations, we are planning to have our next gathering on the 1st of November. The date has been set during the INFRASTRUCTURE 2018 Trade Fair, where the Polish Business Club will represent Polish producer of water desalination systems Aqua-Life, www.aqua-life.pro

Aqua-Life distributors from 7 Asian countries will be present at the Fair and during our evening gathering, so those of you who are interested in a water treatment and water desalination technology, you are very welcome to join us that night.

Our Christmas gathering has been scheduled for the 6th of December.


Andrzej / Andy