42nd Gathering Report

Dear Members Friends of the Polish business club in Jakarta,


Welcome back after an extended summer vacation.

Although British and French communities are still on their school holiday (until the beginning of  September), we are ready with the kick-off of our Club’s 8th year of activity. We are very satisfied being able to host over forty networking gatherings and will try our best to deliver to you many more pleasant events and unforgettable moments. Having this opportunity to contact all of you at the same time, I would like to remind you that our yearly membership costs 750,000 Rp for an individual and 1,000,000 for the company with an option that two members of the company can join us at the same time using the discounted rate.


Some of you already expressed your longing for the good time spent with us by sending me an email with the question – “when is going to be the next gathering?”
Thank you for your support.
Before I officially answer the question, I wish to come back to our last event at the end of May.

This was a very different event as it took place during the Ramadan Holy Month. Nevertheless, the Garden site of Eastern Promise facilities also gave us a very positive experience.

We had opportunity and great pleasure to welcome our new Polish Ambassador, Mrs. Beata Stoczyńska. Bringing her diplomatic experience from Australia and New Zealand missions, for the next few years she will be leading Polish diplomacy in Indonesia.
We presented to her the honorary membership and we also hope that Her Excellency will join our gatherings once in a while.

We were also able to tighten our  cooperation with the Norwegian Business Club INBC that evening: their representative, Magnus Ramstad Dahl, introduced the idea of future joint networking projects.

Another memorable moment of the night was a presentation made by a team from our Club’s friendly, reputable company: PricewaterhouseCoopers www.pwc.com
Kuba Smilski – our frequent guest – and his two office colleagues presented to us their latest official report titled: “The biggest competitor you didn’t know you had” “Pulling fraud out of shadows. Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018”.
This presentation was something to remember, especially for those for us who are newcomers to the Indonesian business community.
Thank you Kuba and your friends from PWC for that valuable information.Great people, great night, so let’s organize another unforgettable event.