XXXVIII Gathering report of our Club

Hello Members and  Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta. We are ready to invite you to our pre-Christmas Gathering. Before I give you details of our next event, I would like to thank all of you, who joined us on the 8th of November.

The Eastern Promise Bar & Resto gave us one more excellent night by serving very delicious Indian Food and preparing audio-video equipment for our presentation. I was the one who promoted the Aqua – Life desalination technology as my boss Mr. Woytek Halicki, the Marketing Director of the company, who was with us that evening, was still experiencing jet-lag.

We also had as guests that night representatives of PT. Global Tekno Indonesia, , the sole agent of this technology in Indonesia.

Those of you who would like to see the latest technology (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) offered by the company which I represent in Indonesia can see it by opening the link below:

If you have any questions related to this presentation, please contact me directly.

Having the opportunity to relate to you highlights of that evening, I would like to thank our donors that night – Marek Białogłowy, our vice-chairman, for supporting us with a keg of Heineken beer and Dagfinn Kvemmen, who has already left Indonesia after many years to return to his homeland Norway, for donating a few bottles of Nordic vodka.

Thank you once again, Gentlemen.

Best regards,

Andrzej / Andy