Chairman’s Report: February 2014

Dear Friends and Members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

We are almost at the end of February but until now I have not inform you about the follow-up of the charity auction sale during our December Gathering.

As some of you might still remember, we have auctioned a Polish National Soccer Team jersey with the autograph of the teams captain Kuba Blaszczykowski. The money was dedicated to support education of children from KAWAH IJEN village in South of Java ( see the video – )

Two of our members were very generous and we managed to collect 8,500,000 Rp



Just after the Gathering, I have started very quickly an email conversation with the founder of the Project Heinz von Holzen, who send  me immediately a response :

“Good morning Andrzej and thank you so very much for this kind note.

I am proud and touched that the introduction to the Porters of Kawah Ijen touched your heart and that you have forwarded the message to your friends and associates. We will be back in East Java at the end of January to hand over more support for the porters and their children. So fare we have 140 packets ready with cloth. Then we will give 300 porters a pair of shoes and a simple mask to protect them from the poisons fumes. This time we have already sufficient funds to sponsor 30 more kids to go to school for one year.

No need to mention that we would be delighted to get some more support from your side of Indonesia.

I will definitely keep you posted on our activities, and look forward meeting you when you get back to Bali in January.

Wishing you terrific weekend and the very best regards from the island of Gods.


This note gave me more confidence to be involved into this project and during may visit to Bali at the end of January I have presented  Heinz with the donation from the Polish Business Club:




We had spend some time talking about this project, ideas how to improve the villagers lives and of course how to use this money.  We decided that before he goes there in the middle of April ( I might assist him ) he will give me sort of a” business plan ” how to use the 10,000,000 Rupias donated by our Club.

For the time being, if you are interested about Heinz’s January trip to Kawah Jien you can read his report here.

Those of you who are professionals in the engineering field and who would like to take a challenge in trying to design a device that distributes the weight evenly on both shoulders which could be the biggest help to this project, please read detailed info in this report.



Chairman | Polish Business Club Jakarta