Chairman’s Report: September 2013


Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta

With those of you who did not join us at last week’s gathering of our Club, I would like to share some highlights from that event.

Before I start , I would like to thank once again our host, the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto for perfect hospitality, which even the 30-minute blackout couldn’t phase, and our sponsor the Asian Tigers Mobility for helping us financially with some of our beverages.

I would like to thank also all of you ( 32 people joined us that evening ) who fought very heavy traffic to make it to our meeting.

During that gathering we introduced for the first time an idea of one of our members, Kenth Weston – the Name Card Board. I brought with me a cork board which we used to pin the name cards of our guests – for better recognition.



You just look at the board to see who is in the room and if anybody is in your networking interest.

The only problem with this was that some of our guests came to the networking event without their own name cards! Ladies and gents, please carry them with you next time when you come to our gathering. It will help you to find / recognize people with whom you would like to make contact.

The highlight of the night was supposed to be the auction of a jersey autographed by the captain of the Polish National Soccer Team, Kuba Blaszczykowski



but unfortunately we had no Polish soccer fans present that night. I will try to do it ( auction the jersey ) once again during our next gathering.

We had some money raised from sale of the book describing the best years of the Celtics Glasgow and you can read about it at

There was also a generous donation by one of our first-time guests, for which I would like to thank on behalf of the Club and particularly the supported school.

Generally, we had fun once again and also as proof that our Club is becoming more popular – 14 of our guests joined us for the first time.



More pictures from that event you will find here:



Cheers, and see you in 6 – 8 weeks during our next gathering.