Tenth Gathering of the Polish Business Club


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Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta,

Being busy with preparations for my annual vacation, I have procrastinated with writing to you about our last Gathering earlier. My apologies.

This was the 10th one since the establishment of our Club ( August 2011 ) and I will call it another success.

As those of you who had been attending our previous gatherings the Eastern Promise Bar & Resto before know, we had been welcomed once again with the same perfect hospitality.



This gathering was quite unique.

I had been expecting more “regulars” to join us that night; nevertheless we enjoyed conversations in a group of forty six people.

I would call it sort of a success and an unexpected turn-out since only 13 of them where Poles, 16 were Club Members and 18 came to our gathering for the first time. Those stats might be a little bit confusing, but they also show the growing popularity of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.



As you all know I am trying to bring to you some interesting speakers, so this time we invited Lisa Chen, the Managing Director of the

ROOM SERVICE Deliveries  www.roomservicedeliveries.com



She presented her company which “delivers food from various restaurants with various cuisines from leading global brands to local favorites with minimum delivery charges.” The “product that relates to everyone, young, old, single, families, small companies and large corporations for everyone; any individual or group of people wanting their favorite restaurant delivered to their doorstep. “


Please check out their full menu which you can find at :  http://www.roomservicedeliveries.com/Indonesia/Jakarta   We hope you will be happy with this easy way of bringing interesting and various food to your table.

Thank you Lisa.

We had a lot of fun that night, with the last guests leaving after midnight. But most of them were looking forward to our next Gathering.

Because of the extended holiday season related to the schools’ summer holiday during which most of you will be away, we will fully resume our activities at the end of August. I am planning to organize our next, the XI-th Gathering in the first week of September. The time and place will be announced in the middle of August.

So, until then, and have a nice holiday.


Andrzej (Andy)

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