Ninth Gathering of the Polish Business Club


Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

Our IXth Gathering is already behind us, and I could proudly call it a huge success.



Before I come to some details of that night, I would like to thank our supporters & sponsors:

The First Chancellor Mr. Romuald Morawski , Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia for excellent ,professional  support of the Gathering & welcoming speech to all of the Polish and Indonesian students taking part in that Gathering,



and sponsor : Asian Tigers Mobility – Indonesia, for sponsoring our fourth event in the row.



I would like also to thank Mr. Jacob Friis Sorensen, the Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, for joining us that night and introducing to our guests basic aspects of business relationships between EU and Indonesia,



and of course, I  would like to thank the staff and management of the KOI Kemang restaurant, ,for organizing for us a perfect venue and serving delicious food & cold beverages.

Exactly 60 people were present there on the 15th of April, as a part of the evening to honor 18 Polish students from the Warsaw School of Economic and over 10 from PPM School of Management.

As you might remember, the Polish students came to Indonesia to attend the Emerging Market Business Conference organized by PPM School of Management from Jakarta.



All of us had a very good time trying to exchange news from the Polish side related to the educational system for the daily routine and cultural aspects of Indonesia. We as the hosts were trying to advise them how to survive and at the same time to enjoy the short time of their very first visit to this country.

Because of a very tight schedule of that visit, during which after four days in Jakarta all of them moved to Bandung for two days and then to Jogya for another five, only on Tuesday morning we had a chance to talk with them again.

The Trade & Investment Promotion Division and our Club were invited to the Auditorium Bina  Manajemen of the PPM School of Management, where we took a part in the first Session of the Conference, with topics “Entrepreneur is Pioneer of Developing Country “ and “ Economic Growth vs Environmental Awareness.“. Over 200 hundred’s participants were present.

During that first part, the First Secretary of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, Mr. Tomasz Pietka, introduced to the students of PPM economic information about Poland , business & investment opportunities in relationships with Indonesia.



Our Club also got a few minutes of attention in the form of a presentation about our goals and activity, delivered in Bahasa by our Vice Chairwoman Natalka Sintadewi.



Polish Business Club together with our close supporter, the Trade & Investment Promotion Division, for the last few months tried to monitor and give some advice to the hosts of this Conference, in relation of the visit of the Polish students. As appreciation for our help, the Dean of PPM School of Management, Mr. Martinus Sulisto Rusli, presented the Counsellor Mr. Morawski and myself plaques with the name of their school.


While I was writing this report, the Polish students together with their Indonesian partners, were still enjoying the beauty of the island of Java combined with culture and some educational events, and I hope they will be very satisfied with their stay and the hospitality experienced during their trip.

We have planned already to have our next Gathering on Thursday the 30th of May. Make sure to mark it down in your calendar!