Chairman’s Report: August 2012


Dear Members and Friends of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta.

The Holiday is over (at least for me) and it is time to return to daily routines. Before I begin with the future activities and arrangements, I would like first to report to you all of the things that have happened in between my last report and now.

As you might still remember, most of us have been very enthusiastic about EURO-2012 taking place in Poland and Ukraine. Still in Indonesia, as I left for Poland on the 9th of June, I watched the opening match POLAND – GREECE with some of my Polish friends.



This was a very exciting evening for all of us but unfortunately POLAND did not win.

With the score 1:1 we moved to the next stage of the tournament with a lot of hopes, which turned out to be a big disappointment. Eight days later Poland finished last in the group and was out of the competition.

Nevertheless, this was a very exciting tournament with Spain taking the trophy.

I watched almost all of the games and with some of my Polish connections I have obtained a very rare trophy, which I would like to share with you.

This is an original shirt signed by the captain of the Polish National Team, Kuba Błaszczykowski, presently playing for Borussia Dortmund (Germany).



I asked for his autograph with the idea to use the proceeds from the sale of this shirt for charity.

I would like to sell it to the highest bidder during our Club’s next gathering (details will be announced later) and donate the money to the charity project “Hand by Hand Indonesia” my wife Beata is handling with her IB English B class at Jakarta International School.

The starting price will be Rp. 1.000.000.

Please think about it…….. That is all about soccer.

So that some may take their holidays, other keep on working hard…

In this case it was the Trade & Investment Promotion Division which on June 14–16 took part in  The 8th  Balikpapan Mining, Oil & Gas Expo 2012 where they promoted not only the Polish companies of the mining industry but also our very own Polish Business Club.



A warm thank you  to the Trade & Investment Promotion Division!

Another wonderful achievement of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division  is the publication of a broad information packet, indended to stimulate more interest among Indonesian importers and investors in business contacts with Poland.

The booklet is entirely in Bahasa Indonesia and a soft copy can be obtained at this link:,7811,Kenapa_Polandia.html

As you might remember, in my first report last year I mentioned my participation in the Global Conference of the Polish Business People living abroad.

This year the XV-th Conference was held in May, so I could not attend it. Instead, I sent an Open Letter explaining that the Polish Business Club in Jakarta had to skip this year’s event, but we are still interested in being part of it next year.

The response is below:



Generally, it says that the letter I sent was read out to the attendees of the conference at the opening session and was met with wide applause. President of the Club, Mr. Olszewski, is pleased that so far away in Indonesia Polish businessmen are organized in a club, meet together and are open to cooperation.

He comments that the joint knowledge about possibilities is an important step to broadening the market, which already seems boundless.

Mr. Olszewski extends his warm greetings to the members of the Polish Business Club in Indonesia.

Talking about contacts and networking, I would like to officially welcome our 58th member, Katarzyna (Kasia) E. Slobodzian-Taylor, who is a translator and interpreter of Polish , English, Dutch and French. Her CV is in the attachment. If you need some help in that field, you already know The Right Person, Kasia.

Next piece of news is sad – the departure of our friend, Sven Lundgren, a very active member of the Swedish Community in Jakarta and also a friend of the Polish Business Club (he attended our last May gathering).

Suffering from thrombosis and blood clots in throat and legs, he passed away on the 21st of July 2012 at the age of 69.

RIP Sven, we will miss you.

We are approaching the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of our Polish Business Club in Jakarta. On the 23th of August 2011, Natalia, Marek and myself visited the Polish Ambassador in Indonesia H.E. Grzegorz Wiśniewski, to introduce our Club and its independent activity. That is why we are officially counting our Club’s existence from that day.

On this occasion we would like to organize a gathering, which will have a slightly different agenda than in the past. There will not be any presentations, but we would like to introduce from now on a buffet dinner. Because of that, and since we have no direct sponsors (BTW, you all are very welcome to support us) the entrance fee will be 200,000 Rp for a member and 300,000 for non-member guests.

The price will guarantee a buffet dinner, FREE FLOW of beer, red/white wine, Polish Vodka and of course a GREAT atmosphere for networking from 19:30 to 22:00.

We are planning to have the next gathering on the 30th of August in the same place as before – at Eastern Promise Pub & Restaurant in Kemang

With the second year starting, we need to collect the membership fees from our present members who wish to continue their membership with us.  Since individual membership start-dates spread over many days, 2nd year payments and beyond will be collected on a quarterly basis. Therefore, would those members who signed up within the first three months – until the end of November 2011 – memberships up to number 35 (visible on your membership card), please transfer the 500,000 Rp to the following account:

Bank Internasional Indonesia

No. Acc. 2.017.931325


CP Warung Buncit

Jakarta – Indonesia


Perkumpulan Pebisnis Polandia

Just to remind you, we use the membership fees only to cover our basic office expenses (rent, name cards etc.), to subsidize our gatherings (members’ entry fee is not enough to cover the cost) and to take part in other Club and Association Gatherings to promote the Polish Business Club. Absolutely nothing else.

That is all for this time and see you on Thursday, the 30th of August.