Fourth Meeting of the Polish Business Club


Dear Members,

It has already been over two months since my last report. For a while there were few important happenings, except the release of the Guide for Polish Investors in Indonesia (in Polish only) created by the Trade & Investment Promotion Division of the Embassy of Poland.

I visited a few times the networking gatherings of the Swedish Business Association and also Alpenstammtisch International, networking which takes place at the Blü Martini Bar in the JW Marriott Hotel every Wednesday.

We have been recognized in the Jakarta Now monthly magazine, a small advertorial in their May edition.



Then the most important, long-awaited Networking Gathering arrived on the 10th of May. At the same venue as last December, we gathered 43 people on that Thursday night.


Meeting Attendees

With interesting presentations “Lessons learned” made by Krzys Berkieta and “The Art of living and working in Indonesia“ by Marek Bialoglowy, we had very good time and learned something new.


Marek Bialoglowy from ITSEC Asia presenting


Krzys Berkieta from Veris Consulting presenting


I would like once again to thank both of them for active participation in our gathering.

Double thanks should be given to Marek not only for the introduction of Indonesia as a place for living and working, but also to his company ITSEC ASIA for  sponsoring a KEG of beer.

Thank you, Marek!

On this occasion I would like to thank Joasia Staude-Potocka and DANONE – AQUA, at which she is the VP Marketing, for supplying us with Aqua water on that evening.

She also volunteered to give us a presentation during our next gathering (at the end of August) about drinking water in Jakarta.

Thank you, Joasia.

Last Thursday’s gathering has been a little bit unusual.

Together with Natalka I have prepared a Surprise Birthday cake and a present (a SEIKO Limited Edition watch with a commemorative engraving) for our friend and Club member no. 32, a Swedish citizen, Mr. Roland Litsberger.


Roland Litsberger presented a gift

We had celebrated his 70th birthday with a toast and special request from the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Mrs. Ewa Polano – a birthday song in Swedish. Three of our guests – Swedish citizens – sang it perfectly.


Swedish Birthday Song

Talking about other nationalities, we have had as guests for the first time 16 new friends of our Club and I hope that maybe a few of them will be ready to join us as PBC members.

So far we have 56 confirmed members of the Polish Business Club in Jakarta and I am hoping to raise this number to 60 very soon.

Once again, I would like to thank all who joined us in that evening for their participation in our gathering and I hope to see you and new sponsors in August as well.


Andrzej (Andy) Jakubowski

P.S.  You can see all of the pictures from the gathering below: