Chairman’s Report: February 2012


Dear Members,

It has been almost five weeks since my last report and a few things have happened in relation with the Polish Business Club.

Just a few days before going for my Christmas holiday, I was invited by the Ambassador of Sweden Mrs. Eva Polano to the annual Swedish Lucia Celebration taking place at Shangri-la Hotel on the 13th of December.

A few hundred guests took part in that event, in which “Lucia presents herself in darkness of winter as a symbol of light and good forces in life.”

Saint Lucia appears in a long white robe with a crown of candles on her head. The female attendants wear similar gowns and the star boys wear white pointed hats decorated with stars. They all sing Lucia songs together. The processions of this kind are held in various places in Sweden like family circles, schools, offices, hospitals and churches.



I attended this celebration with my wife Beata and a member of our Club, Swedish citizen, Mr. Roland Litsberger.



On the 19th of December I left for a three-week holiday to Poland. The time spend there was quite productive in meetings with friends and family, and consuming Polish specialties. A GOOD HOLIDAY.

As you know very well, not all people can have holidays at the same time. Somebody has to work – no bull…………………..

One of those hard working people has been  Mr. Roman Morawski, the Head of the Trade & Investment Promotion Division. During his business trip to BATAM – Special Economic Zone – on the 19th of December, he promoted our Club to the business and government representatives there.

You will find the full story in Polish here:,2011,a,22567,.html

As you can see in the picture below, standing next to the Mayor of BATAM, Mr. Ahmad Dahlan, our Councellor Mr. Roman Morawski is holding in his hand a promotional flyer of the Polish Business Club.



His trips to Padang in South Sumatra in January and North Sulawesi and North Maluku in February have also promoted our Club with the Mayor of Padang , Vice Governor  of North Sulawesi, and  Secretary of the North Maluku Province.



There was one more trip made by Mr. Morawski in February – to Makassar. And once again our Club was promoted during his meeting with the Indonesian Women Business Association. In the picture below Councellor Morawski is holding the Polish Business Club flyer together with the Chairman of the South Sulawesi Branch, Mrs. Urfiah Syanty.



In January the business activity of our Club slowed down a little bit, but my presence has been noted at the monthly gathering of the Swedish Business Association ( twice ) – GOOD LADS to socialize with.



The importance of our Club is growing, and I was recently invited for a meeting with Mr. Walter van Hattum, the First Secretary of the Economic and Trade Section of the European Union, and Mr. Patrik Jonasson, the General Manager of European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. During that meeting the Polish Business Club was introduced to them by our members Mr. Damian Irzyk, the First Secretary of the Polish Embassy in Jakarta, and Mr. Tomasz Piętka, the First Secretary of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Jakarta.

During that meeting I was invited to assist the Polish Ambassador, Mr. Grzegorz Wiśniewski, at the Consultative Board meeting organized by the European Chamber of Commerce.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 in EuroCham News „EuroCham held the first Consultative Board meeting where the Chairman, Jakob Friis Sorensen presented a review of 2011 and discussed the strategy for the year ahead. EU Ambassador Julian Wilson outlined the situation of EU in Indonesia and described how to further support the interests of Europe in Indonesia. EU and EFTA member states were represented in the meeting by Ambassadors and Commercial Councellors, the European countries that have a Chamber of Commerce established were also represented by the Chairman or Vice Chairman. The Consultative Board meeting takes place twice a year and is co-chaired by Julian Wilson, Ambassador of the EU Delegation and Jakob Friis Sorensen, Chairman of EuroCham.”



I was also there assisting our Ambassador Mr. Grzegorz Wiśniewski.



For those who would like to explore more about political, social, economic and business issues in Indonesia seen by EuroCham, you can visit their site with the 4Q 2011 report:

The above report shows you that the Polish Business Club, established just a few months ago, is now more recognizable within the expat community in Indonesia.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am pleased to inform you that with the signing–up of the company IB sp.z o.o   ( from Poland, which would like to explore and possibly expand its business to Indonesia, the Polish Business Club has reached 50 members and we hope to attract more.

This reminds me to remind you about our meeting next Thursday and your presence there.

Some of you have already confirmed their participation but many of you have NOT. Please respond to this or my previous email about the gathering, please let me know if you are coming or not. It is important, because given the limited space at the restaurant if I know you are not coming I could possibly invite some non-members.


Andrzej Jakubowski