Chairman’s Report: October 2011


Another step in our Club’s activity has been made.

In October we experienced two events about which I have written already in detail here.

The first one was our gathering at MAROUSH restaurant. Thirteen members of our Club and eleven guests from Poland met to exchange experiences and views about doing business in Indonesia.



All of us had fun and I hope all would like to take part in that kind of gathering again in the near future. We are working to have our next meeting in the third week of December, and I look forward to having more Club members  ( and not only ) taking part in it.

The second event was my and our Swedish member Roland’s participation in the Swedish Business Association luncheon. A lot of beer, some of the traditional vodka punch and delicious Pea Soup (grochówka) gave a base to exchange knowledge and similarities about Polish and Swedish history and relationships.



Another interesting event which took place on the 1st of November was the Business Networking Event organized by EKONID (German – Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in cooperation with  BritCham (British Chamber of Commerce), EuroCham (European Business Chamber of Commerce), IFCCI (Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and INA (Indonesian Benelux Chamber of Commerce).

There were many familiar faces, but most importantly, I had a chance to Introduce the Polish Business Club in Jakarta to:

H.E.  Mr. Julian Wilson, the Head of Delegation of European Union,

Mr. Jakob Friis Sorensen, the Chairman of EuroCham,

Mr. Jan H. Rönnfeld , the Managing Director of EKONID,

Mr. Alain Pierre Mignon, the Chairman of IFCCI

and also the Membership Vice–Coordinator of AmCham, Mr. Ebb Hinchlife

I have known Jackob  F. Sorensen for over 10 years. He is the President Director of PT. Maersk Line Indonesia and in the good old days I used to play soccer against him in the Jakarta International Football League where he played for the Vikings while I played for JIS.


I have met also many other people from different nations and with different professions and this is what Business Networking Events are for.

As I have mentioned already before, we are planning to organize our next Club’s meeting in the third week of December. I will confirm the exact date within the coming week.  Most probably the venue will be Eastern Promises Restaurant in Kemang, so please mark that week in your calendar.

We are trying to invite more members join our Club (so far we have 36 people), so if you have any friends or know about any business people who would be interested in joining our networking group, they are all very welcome.



Andrzej Jakubowski

Chairman – Polish Business Club in Jakarta