Polish Business Club attends Swedish Business Association Luncheon


Recently, I had a great pleasure to be invited by the Chairman of the Swedish Business Association in Indonesia, Mr. Per Brandt, to the traditional Pea Soup (grochowka) luncheon.

It took place at Le Bistro Restaurant in Jl. Thamrin, on the 20th of October.

11 Swedish professionals including former Chairman of Eurocham , Mr Michael Olsson, the Chairman of the Danish Business Association, Michael Lundager, and Executive Director of the Indonesia Norway Business Council,  Peter Vaughan, took part in the interesting ”celebration” of eating pea soup. Our Club Member Mr. Roland Litsberger was also present.



The soup was very, very delicious and I managed three servings. It tasted almost the same as you can get it at many places in Poland in small restaurants located by the roads.

The official menu was:

Main Course :  Svensk Ärtsoppa (Pea Soup) med fläsk och med tillhörande

Dessert           :  Pannkakor (Pancakes) med sylt and Coffee.

Svensk Punsch

The Svensk Punsch  tasted like very warm homemade vodka mixed with some caramel.

The interesting part of that luncheon was singing of the popular Swedish Drinking song “ Helan Går “.

Helan går

Sjung hopp federalllan lalan lej……………………………



This was a goooooooooooood experience and also an opportunity to exchange some business experience about working in Indonesia with people who are very close to our Polish culture and also have quite good knowledge about our history.

Fantastic people to talk with! I hope we will soon be able to organize something very Polish and invite them to join our Club’s meeting.

Any ideas ????


Andrzej Jakubowski

Chairman – Polish Business Club


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